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Lvl 90 WAR ini w/conditions for KA11

works great very smooth, all though i am having problems keeping my endurance up, anyone else run into that?
It can drop down a bit, but the combat abilities should off-set that too in order to restore some too. Respite and Fifth Wind specifically.
very nice, thanks !
Great work! I'm not too familiar with setting up .inis, so this was incredibly helpful. The conditions at the end take care of things like constantly Battle Leaping that I've had trouble with using other .inis.
Thank you for the feedback although I'm curious how the conditions "take care of" battle leap? Battle leap is used whenever it's not active. Is that what you were looking for? Without the condition it uses it every time the button refreshes, this way every cycle through DPS it checks to see if the song effect is up, and if not it leaps again.