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Guild Buff Assistant

Utility Guild Buff Assistant 2.0

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Other Authors
Owner and Maintainer: Medicman / Contributors: thedruidyourlookingfor,
Software Requirements

MQ2EQBC (Optional)
Server Type
🏢 Live Test
You can run it on a Shaman, Magician, Enchanter, Ranger, Druid, Wizard, Beastlord, or Cleric, or Paladin. You can even have a Necromancer summon corpses!


  • Buffs level appropriate buffs when Hailed.
  • Setup to use languages for FV.
  • Echos who it is helping to EQBC when debug is on.
  • Mage: Summons Pet toys when it hears "toys"
  • Mage: Summons Between 1- 20 Pet toys when it hears "toys 1-20"
  • Mage: Summons Invis stone when it hears "invis"
  • Mage: Summons mod rod when it hears "rod"
  • Mage: Summons damage rod when it hears "drod"
  • Mage: Summons arrows/quiver when it hears "arrows"
  • Mage: Summons Invis stone, Lev Ring, Mod Rod, and Damage Rod when it hears "other"
  • Cleric: Will resurrect a player when it hears "rez"
  • Necromancer: Will summon a player when it hears "summon"
  • Druid: Ports to all available Druid Zephyrs.
  • Wizard: Ports to all available Wizard Translocates.
  • Account balances! Charge people for your buffs and stop buffing them if they can't afford it. **(You can, doesn't mean you should)**
  • Will deduct a set amount each time it buffs a pet, merc, or the initiator.
  • Will deduct a set amount each time it summons on the mage.
  • Moved everything you need to change into the INI.
  • Advertise the commands available!
Available Special Commands for:
- All

- Press "h key" to hail for level appropriate buffs.
-- /say for special character specific commands

- Druid and Wizard Taxi Service
- Type "/say ports" to hail for quick trip to another world
-- Wizard for Translocate
-- Druid for Zephers
- Mage
- Type "/say (what it is you want)
-- toys
-- toys "x"(1-20) **Max number of pet items you can request**
-- invis
-- arrows
-- rod
-- drod
-- other
- Cleric
- rez (Type /say rez to your Cleric)
- Necromancer
- summon (Type /say summon to your Necro)

2.0 Final Version

  • Cleaned up a lot of old code that was not necessary.
  • Fixed buffers so they will only stand and cast and not turn to wherever the buff requester is standing.
  • Added Zephers and Translocates for Druid and Wizard Taxi service.
  • Fixed some bugs that was causing buffs to be casted twice on the same toon.
  • All 125 buffs and spells have been added to catch everything up to date.
*** Again, as always, thank you to the original creator of this macro to thedruidyourlookingfor ***

2.0 BETA
Changes: Bug Fixes and Updates Galore
  • Clean up and out a lot of code that didn't need to be there
  • Updated: Cleric, Druid, Enchanter, Magician, Paladin, and Ranger (Beastlord and Shaman almost finished)
  • Fixed some port issues with the Druid
  • Updated Ports for Laurion's Song Expansion
  • MORE TO COME ............................

  • Fixed some issues with toons casting the same buffs on the same toon more than once
  • Added all level 120 buffs for all buff classes.
  • Update toys, ports, etc.

  • Added ToV port and translocate Spells for Wizard and Druid
  • Added ToV port and translocate Spells for Wizard and Druid
  • Fixed issue with mage DS.

  • Updated for Ring of Scale Expansion.
  • Changed INIs to save per server/character now.
License Name
Guild Buff Assistant
First release
Last update
3.67 star(s) 3 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Typo in the Mage Casting Heirlooms

    Fixed typo causing Mage to not cast Heirlooms when requesting "toys"
  2. Post Not Showing Version #

    Fixed a couple bugs with the Druid ports. ** Please feel free to text me if you find that...
  3. Fixed Issue With Wizard Casting Translocate

    Thanks to the person that found this minor mistake that caused a big problem. It has been fixed...

Latest reviews

Love it
Sounds cool but couldn't get it working.
As always ...you guys rock. I am interested in finding out if the Guild Buff Assistant is going to encompass the CoV expansion. I guess, if you think about it, the main buffs didn't change so I guess that would be a lot of work for nothing. Your thoughts?
all you need to do is update the config and it should work just fine.