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Cauldron.mac Magician Clicky

Utility Cauldron.mac Magician Clicky Cauldron of Countless Goods V.1.0 12-16-2020

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Maskoi's Super Cool Cauldron Summoning Clicking Macro v.1
Requested by Jensen back in 2012 and resurrected with some additions.

- Automates casting the Magician's Cauldron of Endless Goods.
- Lets you know if there are any lore items in your possession.
- Checks for bag space.
- Keeps a tally of items you have summoned.

This file will overwrite your existing cauldron.mac ...so if you are using Endless Goods and not Countless Goods make sure this is what you want.
Place the cauldron.mac in your macros folder and run /mac cauldron
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5.00 star(s) 2 ratings

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Thanks for your confidence and help
Excellent job, yet again, by the creators of these ...make life easier macros.