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GUIDE - how to have the best stat food and drink all the time and never consume it 2019-06-05

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There is a way to only buy the best stat food and drink once and never consume it, yet have all the benefits.

1. Buy the best stat food/drink, in TBL this is:
Primordial Noodles with Indigenous Primordial Meat
Primordial Plasma Smoothie

In TOV this is:
Blood of Velious
Velious Surf and Turf Stew

Make sure you have eaten / drink something cheap and are filled otherwise you might lose it on buying.

2. Place the food and drink in your very first bag (top left), top 2 items:

3. Type /plugin mq2feedme (plugin maintained by @ChatWithThisName)
4. Buy lots of non stat food in PoK like Bottle of Milk and Cheese (Chef Denrun....never let it run out!)
5. Hold the non stat food on your cursor and type /autofeed add
6. Hold the non stat drink on your cursor and type /autodrink add
7. Type /autodrink 3500
8. Type /autofeed 3500
9. Check the MQ2FeedMe.ini in your release folder it should look like this:
Drink1=Bottle of Milk
10. You can test if it works by clicking and lifting the STAT food / drink on your cursor and looking at your stats
11. Enjoy, this was a big increase in AC on my tank!
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    TOV stat food added

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