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GamSettingsMover 1.5

If you're looking for a more complete settings backup, use EQBackupRestore which is included in Very Vanilla.

GamSettingsMover is a tool that makes it easy for anyone to update their settings files after a server merge, character rename or server transfer.

You can also use GamSettingsMover for your new little character that you want to use the same settings from one of your existing characters.



  • Uses a simple installer to get you started faster
  • GamSettingsMover tries all the major directories to find your EverQuest settings for you
  • Drop down selections of your current server, your new server, and your character list
  • Space to edit the name for your character after the change. It can change, or be left on the original name
  • GamSettingsMover will copy all the appropriate files so you keep your windows locations, hotkeys, audio triggers, combat abilities, bazaar and barter pricing
  • You can see what changes will be made before you copy
  • Copying will only be possible when everything has been selected correctly
  • If you copy over an existing set of files, the old files will be copied to a backup location and you will be notified

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