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GamParse is a powerful and feature-rich log file parser for EverQuest used by all of the top guilds, as well as many individuals who want to improve their performance.


What is parsing?

When you play EverQuest, you can save information about your game session to a file (known as "logging") for later reading and analysis. Parsing is the process of reading the file and turning the millions of lines of text into information that you can easily understand.


Why Parse?

There are a variety of reasons why players like to parse log files:

1) To compare their DPS, Healing, and/or Tanking skills with others.
2) To keep a record of Guild Chat, Tells, Chat Channels, etc. that can be quickly searched later.
3) To keep a record of looted items and the results of /random die rolls.
4) Much more!

Key features:
  • Very easy to get started with old log files, or live files
  • Ideal for parsing an entire raid, a group or a single player
  • View the results of a battle in the interface
  • Watch battles live using an overlay that you can see in game
  • Send the results to EQ to share with your group or guild
  • Export results to a highly detailed HTML file
  • Track DPS, spell casting, discs, abilities and tanking
  • Analyse melee accuracy, critical rates, defenses, hit sizes, and damage broken down by type
  • Use a selection of graphs to view DPS and tanking details
  • and many more features!
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2.0 Beta Release Thread:
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