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Guide Fun with Formations

Hey guys,
There doesn't seem to be a lot of info on formations so I'll post what I came up with today.

I run with 4 bots and here are two macro's i use to align them slightly spread out either EAST/WEST or North/South

Rich (BB code):
/bct toon1 //moveto loc ${Math.Calc[${Me.Y}-0]} ${Math.Calc[${Me.X}+10]}
/bct toon2 //moveto loc ${Math.Calc[${Me.Y}-0]} ${Math.Calc[${Me.X}+5]}
/bct toon3 //moveto loc ${Math.Calc[${Me.Y}-0]} ${Math.Calc[${Me.X}-5]}
/bct toon4 //moveto loc ${Math.Calc[${Me.Y}-0]} ${Math.Calc[${Me.X}-10]}

Rich (BB code):
/bct toon1 //moveto loc ${Math.Calc[${Me.Y}+10]} ${Math.Calc[${Me.X}+0]}
/bct toon2 //moveto loc ${Math.Calc[${Me.Y}+5]} ${Math.Calc[${Me.X}+0]}
/bct toon3 //moveto loc ${Math.Calc[${Me.Y}-5]} ${Math.Calc[${Me.X}-0]}
/bct toon4 //moveto loc ${Math.Calc[${Me.Y}-10]} ${Math.Calc[${Me.X}-0]}

Note: I left the -0's there so you could see the syntax.

I hope you guys come up with some cool formations and post them here:D
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