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finditem.mac 1.2.1

Software Requirements
MQ2EQBC optional
Server Type
Live, TLP, Test Server
Use the Find Item Window to search for the specified item. This macro is similar to this command from some suggested hotkey posts seen on here,
"/noparse /bcaa /bc ${FindItem[water flask]}", except that it will also search your bank and real estate and whatever else the Find Item Window searches.

/mac finditem "kedge backbone"

If MQ2EQBC is loaded, the macro will output using /bc like:
MQ2EQBC output:
<toon1> Kedge Backbone - General 1-1
Otherwise, output will just use /echo like:
Echo output:
[MQ2] Kedge Backbone - General 1-1
Use with /bcaa or /dgae to run and find items across multiple toons.

NOTE: Has only been tested on a TLP with no real estate and not a huge inventory. On a live toon with many items or houses, the search may take longer and I'm not sure the results would be populated by the time it iterates through them, so the delay after searching may need to be longer.
NOTE: A search that finds multiple items per toon may get a bit spammy.
First release
Last update
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