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Unmaintained EZ Server Automation - last post 2018-07-30

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🏘️ Emu
Hi All.

I've finally quit EZ and EQ after 8 years and 20 years respectively. After investing so much time it seems a waste to not leave at least something behind. That being said, the below github is all of my automation for EZ Server. Much of it can be used, with some tweaks, on any server. The code is not perfect and can certainly be refactored, but I'll leave that to you current players.

delve into the code, it is fairly well documented and hopefully fairly straightforward. I spent most of my time grinding and tried to be as simple as possible with my automation.



Key macros

autoattack.mac - Used to drive a large group for full automated attack. Uses various loops combined with counters to cast the right spells/perform the right actions at the right time. Uses EQBC chat groups such as ua etc.

autoheal, autoheal2, autoheal3 - used for clerics. With 3 clerics these will create a nice Vie/Heal rotation. Assign to a hotkey and start at the beginning of fight. /bct cleric //macro autoheal <healtarget>
these also cast dmg spells. Nice little combat cleric macro.

chanter.mac - used for buffing your raid with chanter buffs. My chanter was on a necro account so I /switchchar at the end.

combat.inc - contains various combat methods. Used in many of the macros.

corpse.mac - loot your corpse. useful to use in combination with aoe rez /bca //macro corpse.mac

druidheal - 4 used for druid healing. With 4 druids will do a Skin rotation plus sweet heals also automates dmg spells. Very good dps from droods! Counters are set to stagger the rotation correctly.

EZCharmUpgrade.inc - This was my original include file. I was lazy and grouped many different types of methods here. They have since been separated out into combat.inc, loot.inc, etc. some macros still do use this though.

farmsharp.mac - used for farming sharp. place your toons to the right of sharp in the open space where you will not get aggro. Checks for sharp and pulls him. used in conjunction with my jumping through hoops macros lol

gods.mac - used for farming T3/T4 bosses. Requires a toon with the tokens in front of the boss spawner

justpull.mac - loops and pulls everything in range using scepter. Use when pulling, ezpz.

loot.inc Loot utilities.

lootgo - lootgo3.mac used for automated looting. These use LoadIni files found in loot.inc or EZCharmUpgrade.inc. You can set what to loot in those methods.
Useful if you have toons that want to loot different items, i.e T8 dragon scales. Similar to ninjaloot or w/e

lootdestroy.mac - will loot and keep what is set to keep while destroying everything else. Really useful for T9 zone pulls. Setup 6-8 toons looting and they will tear through your corpse pile. Use only in T9. Check the method it includes and update the corresponding LoadIni accordingly.

magenuke.inc - Mage combat script

movement.inc Contains movement utilities for max automation!!!

MoveUtility.inc Contains movement utilities for max automation!!!

necro.mac - necro4.mac Used for necros to continuously cast Death and other dmg spells. Using on 4-5 necros will stagger the death spells to allow for max dps. Necro combat!

pal.mac - paladin combat

palbuff.mac - Will cast all paladin buffs.

pod.inc files - Include files for postorms automation

pod.mac files - postorms automation. Should be documented

ranger.mac - used for ranger combat automation

rog.mac - used for rogue combat automation

shaman.mac - used for shaman combat automation. Includes combat spells + healing

sharp.inc used for sharp farming automation (Jumping through hoops!)

sharpraid.mac - farm sharp with a raid

sharprun.mac farm sharp with single toon. requires toons with CoH items placed near hoops

tacvi.mac - Old school nastalgia automation!

warbuff.mac buffs up a warbuff

utils.inc - lots of utilities!

wiznuke.mac - Wizard combat automation

wisp.mac Get some wisps!!

Anyway, EQ was great for 20 years. Fare thee well! Hope you all can enjoy!
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