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Utility [Emu only] EQTrainer - EverQuest Hacking Program

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or earn your way in with RedCents.
- EQTrainer CPU usage decreased to 2.5%. (tested on Ryzen 1700)
- Map system changed. Spawns are now objects. This increases the speed quite a bit.
- Map system CPU usage decreased to around 7%. (tested on Ryzen 1700)
- Map window should close cleanly without crashing now.
- Fixed lots of crashes that were being covered up by code exception handling statements. This should prevent CPU % climbing.
- Panic function code change. May fix some issues.
- AutoBot zone check crash fixed.
- Fixed RoF2 script execution code
- Fixed AutoBot CheckPCDistance function
- Fixed lots of AutoBot crash bugs
- Fixed RoF2 teleport address
- Added AutoBot ClickButton function
- Added Large Warp detection warning message
- Added Patreon membership requirement to get new scripts and addresses from server