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Unmaintained Delvl Macro for those who desire to bring a character down to a specific level. 1.0

Software Requirements
VV Macroquest Compile
Server Type
Live, TLP, Test Server
Not fully tested, may not stop at the desired level.

|--- Macro Delvl.mac
|--- Updated by Atheos32
|--- for REDGUIDES
|--- This is for the Toon who is getting Delvled
|--- This also works without a necro if you bind yourself next to a mob spawn it will continue to accept respawns until desired level.
|--- usage /mac Delvl <Necro>
|--- Edit the Line where it says "#*#You are now level 70!" with the desired level.
|--- WARNING Do not leave this unattended unless you plan to take the toon to the lowest possible level


#Event Zoned "#*#You have entered#*#"
#Event End "#*#You are now level 70!"

Sub Main
     /deletevar Master
     /declare Master string Global
     /varset Master ${Param0}
    /delay 1s
    /if (${Window[RespawnWnd].Open}) /nomodkey /notify RespawnWnd RW_OptionsList listselect 1
    /delay 1s
    /if (${Window[RespawnWnd].Open}) /nomodkey /notify RespawnWnd RW_SelectButton leftmouseup
    /goto :begin

Sub Event_Zoned
       /echo Another SAC down .. Loot corpse and move on
       /target ${Me}
       /delay 1s
       /keypress esc
       /delay 1s
       /keypress esc
       /delay 5s 
       /tell ${Master} Sac Meh Pls

Sub Event_End
      /Echo Required level has been reached