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Quest / Event Darklight Caverns Mercenary Turn In (GUI) (NOS) 1.1a

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Software Requirements
MQ2Nav, MQ2Lua, Vanilla
Server Type
🏢 Live
Automate turn ins for Darklight Caverns Mercenary and get the achievements for the Tiger, Bear, Wolf, or all three...


Option to bypass 250AA's if so desired
Option to continue turning in forever
Auto-stops when you have all the achievements!
Exit to get out of it all
Must be in the zone and near one of the bear, tiger, or wolf, this ain't no travel utility.

I was bored, I know there is something out there that does this..
License Name
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International
First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. When all achievements are done, then so are you..

    3/13/2024 1.1a - ChangeLog Added: Mechanisms to save your items if you have completed all the...