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CotF Into the Hills for MQ2Bot (Generic Puller)

Unmaintained CotF Into the Hills for MQ2Bot (Generic Puller) 1.0

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So I've been working on this (mostly getting kinks out), but I've redone the Into the Hills macro utilizing PeteSampras' amazing MQ2Bot plugin. The whole premise is to not reinvent any wheels and if I had to create a wheel of some sort, that I can re-use it later (ie, use modules). I re-used the waypoints from the original macro and added Z values for mq2navigation to work. I plan on doing at least the other Gribble HA's using the inc file. We'll see how much interest is in this project.

To use it, just run the macro once to generate the settings ini, edit the settings (particularly the pull ability/spell), and then run it again. It doesn't load macros on any bots, and instead uses MQ2Bot to very automagically control any characters in your group. It's also 100% MQ2Navigation based. Both MQ2Bot and MQ2Navigation need to be loaded at runtime (with noauto). MQ2Bot isn't part of the vanilla compile.

I'm going to start on Scouting Ahead now, but I'll be watching this thread for feedback.

- - - Updated - - -

I forgot to mention that it also uses ninjadvloot.inc for loot routines.
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