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Guide Conditions 1

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Everyone of redguides who helps the public and macros
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🏢 Live 🏘️ Emu TLP Test
Ever want to put a good but quick kissassist ini together? I have too and wanted something for me to easily whip up some conditions. So what I have done here is go through lots of ini and compiled all class diff types of conditions used by players. PLEASE NOTE some of these are a tad out dated will need minor altering to get them up to current versions. This for one will help players understand how conditions should be done and maybe help them understand it better as well. Two this will allow someone who dont wanna learn just simply copy and paste in the condition they choose for a quick easy set up. There may be duplicate conditions as i copied and pasted all so I could easily have a refer guide.

I made these into macro files so i could read them with my notepad++ easier. Ignore the fact they are macro.
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