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Utility AutoVendor 3.6

Some of the text wasn't relaying information when it should have, this has been fixed! :)
Guild Lobby wasn't working as I had set up the condition for Find Vendor incorrectly. This has been fixed in this most recent update! Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.
As requested, AutoVendor has been updated with the ability to parcel specific items to mules, how exciting!

I kinda got caught up in scripting this and haven't slept yet, so allow me to explain while I'm still semi-coherent:

*New Stuff*

Parcel Support:

You can now designate up to 5 parcel mules and have your toon send specified items to those parcel mules! To do this, rebuild your INI with the ini builder parameters, then go in to your INI and you'll find a new section called [Parcels]. There are two variables associated with this section:


To turn parceling on, set ParcelOn to 1 then change the ParcelMules section to the name of each of your parcel mules!



It can support anywhere between 1 to 5 arguments! Then, once you've set up your parcel mules, set the items you want parceled to your respective mule by changing their variable to Parcel1-5.


Axe Head Mold=Parcel1
Barb Mold=Parcel2
Bastard Blade Mold=Parcel3
Bearing Mold=Parcel4
Belt Sectional Mold=Parcel5

Your toon will then run through it's normal vendor shenanigans, then parcel the designated items to the designated mule!

Containers are handled a bit differently, instead of using them just in the BuildINI function and scrapping it when the INI is built, it adds the containers to your INI so if you swap your containers around by chance it still checks for the old ones! You can leave this new section in your INI alone, it's mainly just for container checks and has no functionality tied to it aside from having a living check of your containers.

New Find Vendor:
The Find Vendor function has been fully flushed out and is now more accurate! There was a bug where the Compare would run in to the same check with a Parcels vendor as a Paladin Guildmaster, as Paladin Guildmasters are not NPCs we want to vendor to, I changed this to store the vendor type as a string and then used a equals check as opposed to a compare. I also added a exception catcher for when you don't have a suitable vendor in zone!

*Minor Changes*

-Added squish to text to make it nicer.
-Cleaned up a lot of left over debug messages.
-Fixed double echoes in some cases.
-Added a total parceled items clause.

*Dev Notes*

So I tried to make the parceling as fast as possible, right now it parcels an item every 3 seconds, when I went below that it tended to bug out after a couple items and get all screwy with the name initialization. I'll look in to methods for maybe speeding it up, I'd rather the functionality operate correctly than it be fast and send your items all over the place so we'll see. This has been tested with 5 mules vendoring, not vendoring, stackables, non-stackables, if anyone runs in to any issues please let me know and I will sort them out! Hope you guys enjoy the update, thanks for all the ideas! As always if you have any suggestions for how to expand the macro or if you have any concerns please let me know!
Cleaned up some left over jank that wasn't necessary and made it so the windows clean up at the end as well.