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Auto Macros

Combat Assist Auto Macros AutoBrdWar 1.0.3 AutoCleric 1.0.9 AutoSubs.inc 6.2

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Software Requirements
MQ2Twist (unloaded), auto_subs.inc
Server Type
🏢 Live 🏘️ Emu TLP Test

2018 ESA Winner

Usage: /mac auto
This automatically launches the proper macro for you.
AutoCleric.mac for Cleric
AutoBard.mac for Bards
AutoWarrior.mac for Warriors
KissAssist.mac for the rest

Required: Set first slot of Extended Target 1 to AUTO!

Installation: Copy all files into the /Release/Macros/ folder.
Files included in distribution: auto.mac, autocleric.mac, autobard.mac, autowarrior.mac, autosubs.inc

Global Triggers: (Kiss Compatible)
/backoff - Clears target, breaks stick, and stops attacking
/campfire - Drops Campfire
/camphere - Camps at this one spot (Breaks camp on death, follow of another toon)
/campoff - Resets all camp settings and turns it off
/campradius # - Determines camp radius
/chase - Follow Targeted Toon
/chaseoff - Stop Following
/chaseon - Start Following Targeted PC
/meleeon - Melee combat on
/meleeoff - Melee combat off
/mezon - If class has mez it will attempt to mez adds in camp (Bard/Enchanter)
/mezoff - Will NOT use mez spells for adds (Bard/Enchanter)
/slowon - Will slow mobs (Bard/Enchanter)
/slowoff - Will NOT slow mobs (Bard/Enchanter)
/instantrelease - Instantly release on death
/usefellowship - Use fellowship on death

Auto Cleric Usage:
/mountitem ItemName -- This specifies which mount your cleric should use Ex: /mountitem Severed hand of Morlocs
/autorez -- This toggles BATTLE REZ on and off
/pethealpoint % (Set to 0 to disable)
/manatonuke % (Set to 100+ to disable) -- Your cleric will nuke (when available) down to the specified %
/promised -- ENABLE / DISABLE promised delayed heals
/divinebuff -- ENABLE / DISABLE casting Divine Intervention Line on Main Tank
/usedruid -- Toggle this and relaunch macro to cast druid friendly Symbol/AC buff instead of Group HP Buff
/newtank -- Your current target will become your new tank
/raidhealpoint -- Custom healpoints for raiding
/qmtarget -- Will use Quiet Miracle on current target when mana below 60%
/nocures -- Turns off ALL Cures in spells with cure component, after enabling relaunching macro for raids/events
/byos -- (Bring your own spells) Turn on to have the macro use the spells you have memmed!

Auto Bard Usage:
Auto Bard by default will mem and cast songs for you. If you'd like to choose your own songs or don't want it to mem songs for you please change the ini BringYourOwnSpells=1 or type /byos in game and relaunch the macro to see the effect.

Auto Warrior Usage:
Turn it on... watch it tank things.

Recommended: Setting a Group Assist Role

Q: How much time has gone into Auto Macros?
A: Hundreds of hours have been spent developing these macros.

Q: Can I disable mounts on my cleric?
A: Certainly, type "/mountitem" with nothing after it to disable it and always use Yaulp.

Q: Does this work on TLP?
A: AutoCleric and AutoWarrior - Yes, from level 1 / AutoBard - Yes, but you have to mem the songs you want to twist in combat in first 5 gem slots.

Q: How long have you been writing macros for MQ2?
A: Over 10 years. You will notice that I optimize all my code, and never cut/paste from other community members. That is how I'm able to keep it clean and efficient.

Support & Discussion int he Auto Macros official forum:

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Macros DEPEND ON autosubs.inc
Put ALL the files in /Release/Macros folder
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