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105 Cleric Kiss Template for group - discussion

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🏢 Live Test
Now that healing is FIXED in Kiss for the most part I am posting this to get a discussion going on a solid basic Group Template for 105 Clerics.

General Assumptions
Cleric is Level 105
Cleric has all of their spells lv 90-105
Cleric has a good amount of AAs. Auto AA is around 9000 at 105 I think.
Has at least the basic required cleric AAs like Blessing of Resurrection, Divine Arbitration, GoM Maxed, Burst of Life etc.
We can discuss a list of must have cleric AAs as well
Cleric has a mount

After looking at all the cleric ini files posted I was wondering how people play clerics. My ini file did not resemble anything that was posted so I am rethinking how I am boxing my cleric.

I was originally doing the following
1. Hot - elixir line so the tank had a constant healing buffer
2. Promised renewal - so the BIG heal would hit later in the fight
3. Filled in lower heals with spot heals with Remedy line and Intervention
4. About to die heals. epic, AA burst line and arbitration.

After reading this article (link posted below) about Raid healing even though its older same lines of spells and some other stuff I came up with a new heal routine

Interesting break down of the spells. I took what I needed from this article and applied to a Group Environment and came to the following conclusions.

1. Don't use Light line of spells - too slow casting time compared to other spells
2. Don't use Promised line of spells - Too Random can be overwritten by other clerics not so much an issue in groups
3. Don't use Heal over Time (HoT) Elixir line - too slow casting and healing
4. Don't use Eleventh hour-Fifteenth emblem type spells - Only usable at 30% health or lower.

Ok at first I was thinking great there aren't any spells left. I was wrong. there were 3 lines of spells I never hardly looked at typical of non raider and boxing a cleric as opposed to playing one.

Some of these lines are pretty weird to me. Like the heal/nuke Intravention and the nuke/heal Contravention lines.

Quick Break Down

Main heals will be the Remedy line
, Spiritual Remedy Lv 101 and Graceful Remedy Lv 96. We are using 2 because they have a 4.75s refresh time so when one is down cleric can use the other. These are very fast cast spells .5s casting and decent size heals with focus effects and AAs added in. I am assigning to the tank at 80% and everyone else at 70%.

Promised Line Only if you have The Broken Mirror Expansion the AA Promised Interposition
The Promised Interposition lv1-3 is a passive AA on your cleric, TBM only that will proc a 5000,8000, or 10000 hp heal when the tank takes more than 15k in damage. I am setting this for Tank only, no one else should be getting damaged. I am setting it at 98% so its the first heal at the beggining of the fight to take advantage of the heal procs.

Secondary will be the Renewal line, Fervid Renewal lv 105 and Fraught Renewal lv 100. We are using 2 because they have a 30s refresh time so when one is down cleric can use the other. These are pretty fast cast spells 1.8s with focus effects and decent size heals with focus effects plus AAs added in. Bonus they cure disease, poison and curse counters. I am using these in the mid health range of 50-60% because of their refresh time they will usually only be available once per mob fight. I am letting these heal everyone who ever needs it the most.

Third will be the They are about to die Heals. These are AAs and Items Burst of Life, Divine Arbitration, Harmony of the Soul etc. I am using al of these at 30% and I am assigning Burst of Life to the tank so I know the is a reserved OMG heal for them. The others can heal who ever needs it including the tank.

Group Heal is Word of Greater Reformation. This is just a BIG dumb group heal. I assigned to 70% group health BUT I also assign it to Gift of Mana and it procs all the time. GoM and a fast casting time with focus effects and AAs its a free group that crits as well for like 70k.

DPS will be the Contravention line, Mystical Intervention lv 103 and Virtuous Intervention lv 98. We are using 2 because they have a 30s refresh time so when one is down cleric can use the other. These are pretty fast cast spells 1.5s Added to DPS section for some DPS by cleric and some extra healing.

Healing and combat buffs I am using on the tank
Divine Indemnification - Full heal on death of tank. What just happened I missed it, OMG the tank is still alive spell. Uses 2 emerald meh
Olsif's Retort - Procs a small heal and a reverse damage shield
Shining Bulwark - Mitigate Melee Damage by 10% and Stun/Heal proc

So this is my healing routine I am using and will start tweaking

Let the discussion begin.

Buffs1=Lava Braxi Saddle|Mount
Buffs2=Veturika's Perseverance|Mana|65
Buffs3=Vicarum's Retort|MA
Buffs4=Shining Bulwark|MA
Buffs5=Anticipated Intercession|MA
Buffs6=Aura of Divinity|Aura
Buffs7=Divine Indemnification|MA
Buffs8=Unified Hand of Surety|Dual|Surety
Buffs9=Armor of the Ardent
Buffs10=Aura of the Reverent|Aura
Aggro1=Divine Peace|99|>
Heals1=Spiritual Remedy|80|MA
Heals2=Graceful Remedy|80|MA
Heals3=Mystical Intervention|75
Heals4=Virtuous Intervention|75
Heals5=Fervid Renewal|50
Heals6=Fraught Renewal|50
Heals7=Burst of Life|30|MA
Heals8=Divine Arbitration|35
Heals9=Harmony of the Soul|30
Heals10=Syllable of Convalescence|70
Heals11=Beacon of Life|55
Heals12=Promised Rehabilitation|98|MA
Heals13=Fifteenth Emblem|25
Heals14=Undying Life|55|MA
AutoRezWith=Blessing of Resurrection
Cures1=Radiant Cure
Cures2=Purify Soul
Burn1=Fundament: Third Spire of Divinity
Burn2=Divine Guardian|MA
Burn3=Celestial Regeneration|Me
Burn4=Celestial Rapidity
Burn5=Celestial Hammer|Mob
GoMSpell1=Syllable of Convalescence|MA
Gem1=Spiritual Remedy
Gem2=Graceful Remedy
Gem3=Mystical Intervention
Gem4=Virtuous Intervention
Gem5=Fervid Renewal
Gem6=Fraught Renewal
Gem7=Promised Rehabilitation
Gem8=Shining Bulwark
Gem9=Fifteenth Emblem
Gem10=Divine Indemnification
Gem11=Undying Life
Gem12=Syllable of Convalescence
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