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Recent content by Noob001

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    News - The Daybreak EverQuest team is now known as Darkpaw Games

    I, for one, hope that this means better content and depth with new expansions...
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    Guide - Skye's powerleveling guide

    The exp in FortMech is now horrible........ I used to swarm PL characters there from 65 to 80+ and it literally took about 4 to 5 hours, this was maybe a year ago when I last did it, I recently attempted this and the exp was a fraction of what it used to be, it took me about 3 nights (about 4...
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    Question - 2 clerics

    that's what I thought.... I wanted the PL cleric to get skills up while getting PL'd... oh well....
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    Question - 2 clerics

    I'm trying to PL a cleric with my tank and a merc cleric, is there a way to set up pulls so that it only watches the merc cleric's mana and ignore the PL cleric?
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    Toast - Happy New Years! What’s Your 1 EQ Wish?

    EQ wish or MQ/VV wish? EQ would be a server with no "easy" mode... no corpse summoners, no rezzers lobby and PoK teleport ONLY to starting cities MQ/VV not much at all... all works pretty good for what I need it to do.... ONE thing is I would REALLY like a visual display of my pulling arc and...
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    Tech - EQBC

    Thanks for the explanation @ChatWithThisName
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    Tech - EQBC

    also, when kiss is running (only macro I use currently) and I type something like /camphere to reset camp, it takes some time for the command to show up in eqbc
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    Tech - EQBC

    New to this, but I thought macros executed via the EQBC, or am I wrong? expecially in group so when assist is called or low mana or hp they can announce and the group can react ....
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    Tech - EQBC

    Should I be using EQBCS.exe, EQBCS2.exe or EQBCS-eqmule.exe? Reason for asking is Im experiencing some lag while running KISS, not game related but macro related, like characters pausing random times to run back to camp or buffing and casting or even reaction times when mobs are in camp.
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    Question - Farm group

    currently running 6 box (full settings)and my cpu usage hovers around 50% (i5 w/16GB ram and 2GB NVidia card) Should I upgrade ram and/or video card before attempting this?
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    Question - Farm group

    Thinking of starting a farm group, for TS and Vendor trash. Couple of questions: 1 - if I want minimal settings on this crew, is it recommended I run them from a different EQ directory (ie a new install) 2 - Do I have to purchase another VV from RG?
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    Question - weather

    Orb of Calm Tides can turn OFF or ON rain..... I'm not a programmer by ANY STRETCH of the imagination, but Im sure you can set an alert when the zone emote says "it begins to rain" and then have the orb clicked ... or vise versa works with snow too
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    Question - Program

    Hey Paul, as my name suggests I’m pretty new here as well, and from my limited time, I can tell you if you have a question it will get answered... pretty quickly too
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    Question - Armor upgrades

    Any recommended camps? I tried to tag along before and one AE from a named hit for like 90% of my hp
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    Question - Max med

    Thanks for the info everyone! It seems to bug out every once in a while, the casters will announce they are low on mana and sit to med the announcement says medding to 100%, but never get back up, I have to manually restart kiss I have the puller set to ignore mana status of group, so he keeps...