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Recent content by Colonel - USMC Retired

  1. Colonel - USMC Retired

    Funny - Tell me you’re and old gamer without saying you’re an old gamer.

    Have you played the redeaux on PS4/5? Brings back some GREAT memories!
  2. Colonel - USMC Retired

    Discussion - Post your IRL Setup

    Is that the ThermalTake Reactor? Your wife has a nice calculator, ha ha.
  3. Colonel - USMC Retired

    IRL - MacroQuest release party!

    Eighteen different kinds of awesomeness! Thanks for all of the hard work!!
  4. Colonel - USMC Retired

    IRL - 🥳🎉🎂Happy Birthday Sic! 🥳🎉🎂

  5. Colonel - USMC Retired

    Question - Do you guys have a ‘main’ for the most part?

    My Necro is my main - not really a good class to focus on if you are trying to box, tho. Since I started actually using RG a couple of months back, my SK has taken the lead as my focus toon. I still want to do as much as I can with my Necro and plan to do so, once I've max'd my AAs on the...
  6. Colonel - USMC Retired

    Stupid - WTF 20 Krono??!!

    Nice! Super Gratz to all of the winners!
  7. Colonel - USMC Retired

    Question - 120 or AA?

    So, I took Sic's advice a few weeks back when the new expansion hit and just started grinding AA's on my team of six. I'm generally maxed on Tabs 2&3, working on Tabs 1&5 (I've never used Glyphs, so this seemed the least important, at least from my perspective). With that being said, I'm still...
  8. Colonel - USMC Retired

    Problem - Is Overseer messed up?

    I've run the Overseer macro on my toons for a long time, but lately it looks like I have an issue that I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing? When searching for quests, my interface is showing lots of Overseers as unavailable, but when I check the Agents tab, it says they are "Ready"...
  9. Colonel - USMC Retired

    IRL - Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays 2021 everyone!

    Just finished watching this with my wife and kids, ha ha!
  10. Colonel - USMC Retired

    IRL - Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays 2021 everyone!

    And to everyone else here on RedGuides!
  11. Colonel - USMC Retired

    News - Servers are once again locked... Dec 20 2021

    Nope, they are up. I have 19 characters logged in - six running MQ2Grind.
  12. Colonel - USMC Retired

    News - Servers are once again locked... Dec 20 2021

    See the subject line. If you are in, stay in. If you have to restart, you'll probably be stuck...