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Thread: Wheres the compile? aka mq2 not loading aka Incorrect client version.

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    Wheres the compile? aka mq2 not loading aka Incorrect client version.

    If MQ2 doesn't load


    If you see the following message when starting MQ2

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    You see the Patch Day message on the home page.

    It means that EverQuest has been recently patched.

    MacroQuest2 Source Code needs to be updated every patch. Our Very Vanilla Compile is based on this source code. Once it is updated by the developers at we make our changes and then compile the files used in Very Vanilla.

    A large patch can sometimes change major portions of the EverQuest code and it takes the devs a few days to figure it all out. While this process can be frustrating it is beyond our control. We do help when ever possible with testing. Donations for the MQ2 devs are always a good idea.

    We appreciate your patience during this process.
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    Re: Wheres the compile? aka Incorrect client version.

    Even small patches can be a big thing.

    Redbot's edit:

    Also make sure Everquest is up to date. Can you play the game without MQ2 running?

    After our new Very Vanilla has been released, run update.exe.
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