MQ2Bzsrch - Core MQ2 plugin used for searching the Bazaar.

TLO and data types

Data types 
${Bazaar.Done} - bool Search complete?
${Bazaar.Count} - int Result count
${Bazaar.Item[n]} - bazaaritem Result info by index (1-based)

Members for ${Bazaar.Item[n]}
${Bazaar.Item[n].Name} - string Item name
${Bazaar.Item[n].Trader} -     spawn The guy selling it
${Bazaar.Item[n].Price} - int Price the guy is selling it for
${Bazaar.Item[n].Quantity} - int Number of this item this guy has
${Bazaar.Item[n].ItemID} - int The item's ID number
${Bazaar.Item[n].Value} - int Value of the item?