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Thread: i paid by paypal

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    i paid by paypal

    i paid by paypal yesterday for 1 month how long does it take to get in on the paid forums

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    Re: i paid by paypal

    You should have instant access...

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    Re: i paid by paypal

    when i go to the member forums it says hey stud u need to subscribe i have my confirmation from pay pal yesterday is there something else i need to do

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    Re: i paid by paypal

    In all likelyhood you sent an e-check and this software sucks so it will make you wait for it to clear.

    Check your paypal account to make sure.

    If that's not the case, or you used a credit card, email
    contact us link.
    as soon as possible.
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    Re: i paid by paypal

    thats what happened it sent an an e check srry for the trouble

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    Re: i paid by paypal

    Thanks for fixing so fast.
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