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curious how safe it is to use redguides on oakwynd compared to live.
There is no "safe".

MQ is supported on non-truebox servers, meaning MQ works and tries to protect you from "detection", but that doesn't protect you from other users reporting unusual behavior, or protect you from making bad choices (afking), or mistakes (accidentally issuing commands in general chat).

Unfortunately, MacroQuest of any flavor is against > DBG's Terms of Service <

DBG's stance on 3rd party apps > here < 3rd party apps include things like MacroQuest and MySEQ

DBG's "What constitutes as cheating" > here <

MQ is not supported on Truebox servers. If/When a server transitions into "relaxed truebox" or complete removal of truebox restrictions, MQ support would be added at *sometime* afterwards.

> Here is the link to the sticky <

Other tools such as MySEQ and IonBC are available for truebox servers.
New fear unlocked.
I don't always issue commands in /say standing in guild lobby, but when I do.
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Use on tlp

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