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Question - trade skill Question about unsubscribed books (1 Viewer)

Mar 18, 2021
First off thanks to all the helpers on this site. In a little over a week I have baking, Brewing, Smithing, Tailoring 300+......

I have a question about the un-scribed books. I scribed a few from POK. I got a couple skill ups. If say my fletching skill is still 1/300 Should I wait to scribe the books until im 300? does that matter??? If I scribed it now can I make combines up to 301? I hope this question makes sense.

I will be using the macro that teaches the recipes later this week.....(Baby steps for me)....thanks to whoever shared that.


May 5, 2016
you can scribe them at any time, they will only give you additional skill points once you are 300 so you can scribe at 1 skill, once you hit 300 they will apply

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