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Tip - TBL Max AA #s


MQ2 Diplomat
May 5, 2016
I made a list on these boards for TBM which was popular for max AA.
I always stick these in a spreadsheet so I can keep track of how long I have to go for each toon.

This is the best guess based on Magelo profiles - some classes had some characters with a few higher, so I just went until I found multiple people with the same max number

Bard 36553
Beastlord 41894
Berserker 35000
Cleric 34238
Druid 37617
Enchanter 36781
Magician 40507
Monk 36113
Necro 42258
Paladin 39156
Ranger 40043
Rogue 35883
SK 43960
Shaman 43341
Warrior 31237
Wizard 38033
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