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Request - RG Launcher Request - EQNext update notes (1 Viewer)

Sep 10, 2014
Would it be possible for the update notes to display differently depending on which build of MQ you're using? Specifically it'd be really nice to see update notes for MQNext when using it so we're aware when new features/plugins/cool things are added to it.


Jun 28, 2014
I automated much of this already. Where I stopped was in what Redbot does manually — merging in the change logs from plugins.

It’s not that hard but it’s tedious. It requires maintaining a merged state and looking at the differences and then inserting them in the appropriate places.

Or I could just let Redbot keep doing it manually…

edit: That said, you can always look at changelog.md in resources to see what was changed. And it shows up in the News window at character select (although I get that most people probably bypass that)

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