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Guide - Notepad++ BracketsCheck.dll - Minor Fix

Dec 29, 2017
I've been using a BracketsCheck plugin for 32 bit notepad++ for a year or so now. I shared it in discord and discussed an issue with it with @Maskoi . Determined that the plugin is supposed to be storing some settings to an INI and it was, but it wasn't loading them to the variables if you closed Notepad++ and then opened it again, but the plugin menu was showing that they were.

So a lil bit of digging through the original author's code from GitLab https://github.com/niccord/BracketsCheck I found the issue, made the change and got it compiled. Instead of it just being in the hands of a couple of people I figured I'd share it openly with the users here at redguides in case you too wanted to use the plugin for your macros.

I am in no way taking full credit for the concept or creation of this notepad++ plugin, only providing a correction. I have submitted a pull request on the GitHub however the original author hasn't responded to pull requests in nearly 2 years so I'm not holding my breath that the changes will get merged anytime soon.

The BracketsCheck.dll goes in the Notepad++\Plugins folder and will load automatically the next time you run Notepad++

In order to check brackets you must go to the menu's at the top and click on "Plugins" -> Brackets Check - > and make your selection.

Note: You should uncheck the Angle brackets check as it's not needed for macros and will cause false reports of unbalanced brackets.