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Question - How many times to succeed on a mission in Tol? 3? 10? or more i must say i lost track with obuliette of light. (1 Viewer)

Oct 12, 2019
Finally succeded with oubliette of light and i can say it sucked lol. Glad i got it done but i must say felt like that movie groundhog day. I did learn how not to do it and kept learning though till i got it done.


"MacroQuest - Live" in the RG Launcher
May 5, 2016
yeah I said in the video i did on it that i expected it to be something that is challenging for a lot of people until they figure it out.

you can see that thread and a video >>> here <<< if that interests you.

you can also "cheese" the mission by standing in one of the side rooms and not having to worry about moving or anything (posted in that linked thread as well). I suspect they may change that side-room strategy in the future.

once you get it figured out it becomes much easier.

a large portion of boxing stuff is team management, and this fight is definitely about being able to do that.

Gratz on the kill. there will be a bunch of people who struggle here, and many who don't bother. so be proud of your achievement!
Mar 18, 2020
For me (with zero beta time this year) it was mostly "third time the charm", except for the last one - that fell over first try. (Did all the hero's first at 116)

A far cry from CoV - I threw soooo many corpses at Aaryonar in Week 1, I swear I heard her Ding

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