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Utility Zone Alert (PC) 0.1

Software Requirements
Server Type
Live, Emu, TLP, Test Server
ZoneAlert v0.1 Original Author: Blasty
Maintained for RedGuides by Blasty 2021-03-09
This macro was written exclusively for subscribers of Redguides.com
Purpose: To alert the player if someone zones into the zone (Zone count)
Feature: Macro will beep once and show the change in numbers when someone zones into your zone but will only notify you when someone zones out.
Custom config: To have a custom level range replace "${SpawnCount[PC]}" with "${SpawnCount[PC range 111 115]}" without quotes and where the numbers 111 115 is the level range (level 111 to 115)
Recommended: Use if you do not want someone to see your doing or on Zek server if you want to be prepared or get away
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