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Very Vanilla MQ2 (Live Servers)

Vanilla Very Vanilla MQ2 (Live Servers) 20190522

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Jan 16 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2AutoLoot (plure)
1) When items are marked “destroy” MQ2Autoloot will ignore your “SaveBagSlots” limit and will keep looting and destroying items.
This means that if you want to clear all the corpses in your camp your loot.ini needs to have SaveBagSlots greater then 0.
2) There is a new loot setting. “NewItemDelay”, this allows people who are playing manually to pass out any new items before the plugin decides
where they go. The command to change this setting is: /AutoLoot newitemdelay #n -> Master looter waits #n seconds when a new item drops
before looting that item.
3) Fixed CTD related to “/autoloot buy “Item Name” #Quantity” command.
4) Removed the patterns code stuff by eqholic, it was only implemented for people not grouped. Since no one was using it, I pulled the code out.
Jan 16 2019 by EqMule
-Updated for LIVE
Jan 14 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2Yes (kaen01) updated to a new and better version.

Jan 14 2019 by EqMule
- Added a new column to the Find Item Window which will let you mark items for delete or add them to never loot filter.
Usage: mark some items by checking the ckecboxes, then click the Never Loot button to set their never loot advloot filter.
Usage: mark some items by checking the ckecboxes, then click the Destroy Items button to delete them.
- It goes without saying, that if you have no idea what you are doing or if you are a complete imbecile, this feature might
be too dangerous for you to have enabled, in which case you can disable it by right clicking the Destroy Item or the Never Loot button
and then toggle the "Cool Checkbox Feature" on the menu that pops up. Default is ON.
Jan 09 2019 by RedGuides
- NEW Plugin! MQ2XAssist (eqmule) An easy to use, simple assist plugin
- KissAssist (Maskoi) updated to 11.001, changelog coming soon
- MQ2DPSAdv (ChatWithThisName) Added 2 new colors for Others DoTs and Others Non-Melee
- MQ2Vendors (ChatWithThisName) Fixed /vendor savevendors and /vendor nosavevendors to stop
- MQ2Yes (kaen01) updated to work, a 2007 plugin back from the dead!
- KissAssist 10.0.4 EqMule Edition (eqmule) updated

Jan 09 2019 by EqMule
-Updated for TEST
Jan 07 2019 by SwiftyMUSE
- Added .Dotted to ${Me} and ${Target}
- Added .MaxMeleeTo to ${Target}
- Updated .Foreground in EverQuest TLO
While not technically required... (although it improves performance)
Anyone using GetForegroundWindow() call should change their code
to use the new exported gbInForeground instead of making calls in the plugin pulse function.
These Global builder plugins are updated so as not unnecessarily using cpu in pulse:
MQ2AdvPath, MQ2CpuLoad, MQ2FPS and MQ2Radar
These Personal plugins should be updated, including, but not limited to:
MQ2Clip, MQ2Focus, MQ2Nav, MQ2SoD, MQ2Task, MQ2ViewPort, MQ2WinPath
Jan 4 2019 by RedGuides
- KissAssist updated to 11.000 Lots of changes, but the biggest is that old conditions are broken.
To convert your old conditions, type "/plugin mq2kisstemplate" and then "/maketemplate"
- The old KissAssist has been preserved. To use, type "/mac kiss10"
- MQ2SQLite (Knightly) updated to use SQLite 3.26, thanks Darkie
- MQ2KissTemplate (ChatWithThisName) bugs fixed and forum code tags added
- MQ2MyButtons (Knightly) RESURRECTED! Modernized & fixed, but your existing .inis & keys are broken and need to be remade.
Read the MQ2MyButtons page in the RedGuides resource manager for instructions on this much improved plugin.
- MQ2AFNuke (Jimbob) Updated for Mages, Druids, Enchanter and added option for AE spells, wait for ITC for burns, and added option to use a single AA nuke during GCD & more.

Dec 18 2018 by eqmule
- Updated for LIVE
- Updated for TEST
- Added Quest items to the autobank button rightclick menu
- Added an option Autoinventory from bank back to inventory (reverse AutoBank basically).
- /loadskin and /camp out/in out will not break this new feature anymore.

Dec 17 2018 by eqmule
- New Fature: AutoBank Filter : idea cred Kaen01
- Basically rightclick the autobank button to set options for items you like to autobank
Click AutoBank Button WITHOUT anything on the cursor.
If you have something on cursor AutoBank will just work like it always have and autobank the item
BUT if your cursor is empty it will autobank:
Collectibles if you have that option set. (off by default)
Tradeskill Items if you have that option set. (off by default)
Right now those are the two types of items it works for, I'm not against other item types so if anyone has some clever ideas let me know.
Known Issue: need to add reloadui support so it's a little bit beta still, but anyway, I'll fix that later.

Dec 15 2018 by RedGuides
- cskillup.mac (Maskoi, alynel) updated to include pets. Max those skills!
Dec 13 2018 by RedGuides
- MQ2KissTemplate (ChatWithThisName) updated to always include loadspellset=2, thanks LurkMcGurk for the idea
- Zones.ini updated, thank you eqplayer16

Dec 13 2018 by eqmule
- Updated for LIVE
- Updated the LOOTITEM struct
This fix will break plugins that use that struct.
Search the source for ->LootDetails.m_array to see how it should be fixed.
- NotifyOnServerUP in mq2autologin.ini can be left at =1 or =2 now, it will only trigger on server is up after server is detected as LOCKED or DOWN when the plugin first checks it.
Dec 11 2018 by eqmule TBL Launch
- Updated for LIVE
- Placeholders in mq2targetinfo for the PH button on the target window has been updated for TBL
- Made mq2autologin not try to join a locked/down server.
- Added NotifyOnServerUP to the mq2autologin inifile in the [Settings] section.
If you set it to NotifyOnServerUP=1 it will BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP when server is up.
If you set it to NotifyOnServerUP=2 it will also email you if you have the mq2gmail plugin loaded and correctly configured.
You can try /gmail "hi there" "test" in game, if u get that, u will also get the autologin notification.
Or just leave the setting as NotifyOnServerUP=0 and it wont bother u at all.
I find it useful to enable it on patchday's when servers are LOCKED/DOWN
Under normal circumstances, it should be set to 0, unless u really like 10 seconds of BEEEEEEPING everytime u login...

Dec 11 2018 by RedGuides
- MQ2MyButtons removed due to a CTD. Source is on gitlab if you'd like to fix.

Dec 10 2018 by eqmule
- Updated for TEST
- Updated mq2auth.exe so it can be run silently now using the /silent switch - idea cred: brainiac
- Right Clicking the AutoBank button brings up a menu now in TEST and EQBETA builds.
This menu is NOT useful atm, it's work in progress, just ignore it.

Dec 10 2018 by RedGuides
- NEW PLUGIN! MQ2Profiler (alynel) to help macro developers find the causes of slowness
- MQ2Nav (braniac) misc. fixes and changes to stuck routine

Dec 10 2018 by eqmule & SwiftyMUSE
- Updated for BETA

Dec 09 2018 by eqmule
- Updated for BETA

Dec 08 2018 by eqmule
- Updated for BETA
Dec 07 2018 by eqmule
- Updated for BETA
- The following feature has been on my todo list forever and was brought to life by @Knightly, all hail Knightly!
Thanks for your support.
- Added the ability to interact with menus - cred : Knightly
Example: /notify "open the door to the lobby" menuselect
It will search the currently open menu for the words "open the door" and click that menu item if it finds it.
the search is case insensitive and sub strings are fine
thus you could just do /notify "open the" menuselect and it would still find and click that item
- Added a new TLO: MQ2MenuType it inherits the Window TLO.
It has 1 method:
.Select : It will select a menu item (click it)
usage: /invoke ${Menu.Select[open the door]}
Output: none, it just clicks that entry if it finds it.
It has 6 members:
.Address : pIntType it returns the address of the currently open menu.
.NumVisibleMenus : pIntType it returns number of currently visible menus. Ordinarily this is going to be 1 if a menu is showing and 0 if not
.CurrMenu : pIntType it returns the index for the currently visible menu. Ordinarily this will be 0 if a menu is open and -1 if not
.Name : pStringType it returns the name of the menu or the first items name.
.NumItems = : pIntType it returns number of items in the currently open menu.
.Items : pStringType it returns the Itemname specified by Index
-- Usage Examples:
-- /echo ${Menu.Name}
Output: Shabby Lobby Door
/echo ${Menu.Open} (it inherits Window TLO, remember?)
Output: TRUE
/echo ${Menu.NumItems}
Output: 4
/echo ${Menu.Items[2]}
Output: Adjust Placement
- Added some door defines.
Dec 06 2018 by RedGuides
- MQ2Vendors removed until it's fixed. Source is on git if anyone's feeling up to the task.

Dec 06 2018 by eqmule
- Updated to include all faction names - SwiftyMUSE
- Updated for BETA
- I made some changes to /itemtarget /items and the ground tlo
I don't want to say to much about it really there isn't much to say
from a users perspective everything works like before.
Basically the only difference should be that /items now display grounditems in guild halls as well.
if ${Ground} or /itemtarget or whatever does not work as before let me know.
- Added /click right item
this is mostly useful for like grounditems like shabby lobby door and so on that pops up
a menu when you rightclick them.
- Work in progress -> adding a method to click menu items in the currently open menu.
Dec 04 2018 by eqmule
- Updated for BETA

Dec 03 2018 by eqmule
- Updated for BETA
- Added /groupinfo mimicme on|off - it will do what the button does but from commandline
- Added /groupinfo followme on|off - it will do what the button does but from commandline
- Added /groupinfo cometome - it will do what the button does but from commandline
- This means if you dont want those buttons on the group window, just rightclick
a group member and hide them, then create your own hotbuttons
and put them wherever you like to get the same functionallity.
- Fixed a bug in mq2targetinfo that would change the alpha of the targetwindow/groupwindow/exttargetwindow
it had no buisness doing that, sorry.