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Very Vanilla MQ2 (Live Servers)

Vanilla Very Vanilla MQ2 (Live Servers) 2020-03-29

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Mar 28 2020
- Fixed all Spell Stack checks.
- Stacks, WillStack, StacksWith, StacksSpawn
StacksTarget and StacksPet
- Added a lock for CachedBuffsMap access
- Removed a WriteChatf from Task.Timer
- Added a function which can be used by plugins to format numbers:
EQLIB_API void PrettifyNumber(char* string, size_t bufferSize, int decimals = 0);
If the given string is a number, it will add commas and set the desired number of decimals.
For integers, leave decimals as 0. For floats, a value of 2 is recommended. Min is 0, max is 9.
- Added .Prettify to Int, Int64, Float and Double types.
Example: ${Me.MaxHPs.Prettify} => 30,103
Example: ${Target.Distance.Prettify} => 1,151.24
Prettify takes a number of decimals of precision as a parameter:
Example: ${Target.Distance.Prettify[4]} => 1,151.2395

MAR 28 2020
- CWTN Plugins (ChatWithThisName, Sic) Fixed some casting issues, pet buffs. MQ2BerZerker: ${Berzerker.Mode} will
now correctly display all modes MQ2Rogue: Add some missing discs.
MAR 27 2020 by RedGuides
- CWTN Plugins (ChatWithThisName, Sic) Bug fixes, Targeting for AA's now happens before use rather than when ready.
Added "ShowTargeting" option. IE: /zerk showtargeting on, which will output when the plugin is targeting something.
Class shortnames for commands added, which will allow you to /docommand /${Me.Class.ShortName} mode 1.
MQ2Cleric: Will rez before buff, healing overhauled, bug fixes.
MQ2Bst: Added Spiritual regen to gems in certain cases.
MQ2Monk: Should no longer use Purify Body when inappropriate, Add FeignAtAggro and FeignAtHealth values for Feign control.
MQ2Eskay: Added buffing for Concordant in our spell/buffs check so we don't only check it on downtime.
Mar 26 2020 by RedGuides
- MQ2Relocate (Sic) Added /relocate Bronze to use Harbinger's Staff
- CWTN Plugins (ChatWithThisName, Sic) Improved stun handling. More CLI options, i.e.: /zerk HPMedStart 60.
Spellbook searching more accurate. Better buff handling. Safe zones updated. Clearer reporting of missing spells/abilities.
Hopefully fixed "intermittent screen stalling" that was reported. Improved pulling.
MQ2Eskay: Added logic for those without Azia AA, added Remorseless Demeanor, EndRegen.
MQ2Cleric: Checks for GroupHot or GroupHotCure before trying to re-cast them.
MQ2Monk: "Swift Tails' Chant" and burn options should now work. Destructive Force and Vehement Rage bugs fixed.

Mar 26 2020
- Updated for TEST
- Added CAAWnd__UpdateSelected_x
- Added CAAWnd__Update_x
- Changed ShowSpellSlotInfo so it takes a custom linebreak.

Mar 25 2020 by ChatWithThisName
- MQ2ChatWnd: Added ingame toggles for SaveByChar, Autoscroll, NoCharSelect to the /mqchat command
Available options are:
no parameter, will output what it's currently set to. Example: /mqchat SaveByChar
On - Turn on the option. Example: /mqchat autoscroll on
Off - Turn off the option. Example: /mqchat NoCharSelect off
Mar 19 2020 by RedGuides
- CWTN Plugins (ChatWithThisName) PercentMana will show correct value.
Classes with SpellCheck/Memorize/Buff section should no longer check when they're pulling
MQ2Cleric: Added Hand and Vie and options to toggle

Mar 19 2020
- Updated for LIVE
- Added CXRect__operator_and
- Fixed CTextureFont::DrawWrappedText
- Added CTextureAnimation::Draw
- Added CTAFrameDraw::Draw
- Fixed the CPageWnd class for EMU
- Added members to the CTAFrameDraw class
- Made the CTabWnd class a proper CXWnd class and added members to it.
Mar 19 2020 by brainiac
- Made a couple additional changes to /taskquit from the update on Mar 16 2020:
- fix /taskquit <name> to search solo tasks when a shared task is present.
- fix /taskquit <name> to be exact match only
- change /taskquit <name> to no longer use quotes.
Mar 18 2020 by RedGuides
- CWTN Plugins (ChatWithThisName) Any class using the window will now have the first tab called "Plugin Output" instead of "Zerker".
Added a window to the rogue, warrior and monk classes. type "/rog show", "/war show" and "/monk show" respectively to show the window.

Mar 18 2020
- Updated for LIVE

Mar 17 2020
- Updated for TEST
- Fixed the SListWndCell struct

Mar 17 2020 by RedGuides
- CWTN Plugins - ALL
Characters should now cast other spells, even if there is an empty spell slot above the spell needing to be casted.
- MQ2Cleric
Updated the list of spells in the "Ward" group.
Dissident/Undyling life are no longer linked to normal heals.
Normal heals (Category Heal, Subcategory Heal) currently will not function, this means Minor healing, light healing, complete healing etc.
A change for this will be added at a later date.
- MQ2Bst
New spell group "SlowSpell" was added. (in case we don't have the AA yet)
New spell group "STHaste" (single target haste) was added.
Mar 16 2020
- Extended the /taskquit command. It now takes an optional argument, "Name of Task" so we can use it to remove solo tasks as well. -Feature Cred: drwhomphd
/taskquit without any argument works like before, i.e it removes the shared task if there is one.
- Usage /taskquit "No Heroism Without Fear"

Mar 15 2020
- Fixed a bug with ${Macro.CurSub} it will now correctly return the sub its used in.
- Fixed a bug where tells you would not be detected in all languages. Thanks Kaen01 for report.

Mar 14 2020 by RedGuides
- CWTN Plugins (ChatWithThisName, Sic) Fix incorrect order of the GroupWatch help output for Healer and Healer and Crowd Control.
MQ2BerZerker: Revert a change to the cry havoc/cry canage line. Two zerkers should no longer fight over who's buff should be active. Cry Havoc and
Cry Carnage will overwrite each other. It will also not work with Secondary Burn, so it won't fire during a secondary burn.
MQ2Cleric: Clerics should no longer try to buff in combat (Like when someone dies and doesn't have the HP buff).

Mar 14 2020 by Sic
- Added ParcelStatus to the character TLO.
Usage: /echo ${Me.ParcelStatus}
Mar 11 2020 by RedGuides
- MQ2DanNet (dannuic) The elusive Zoning crash should now be fixed. Please notify me if you believe you are having ANY DanNet related crash.

Mar 11 2020
- Updated for LIVE
- Fixed the Lucy Button on itemdisplay for the internal browser. (you can still right click to launch externally)
Mar 09 2020 by RedGuides
- MQ2Eskay (CWTN) Spire will now fire during burn, not waiting for Guardian
- MQ2Cleric (CWTN) if UseDivineIntervention is on, we will DI ourselves as well as the tank
- MQ2Status (Sic) Fixed some issues about which macro is running and other display issues.
Requests to Report back ${Role} even if your macro doesn't have kissassist in the name. The original intention of this was to report back
if your macro has "kiss" in the name to accomodate beta/dev verisons of kissassist, kissmule/muleassist, and anyone running a custom/modified kiss version.
I specifically don't want to check it against ${MacroName} to equal kissassist because again - the intention is to include any
forks or kissasist like kissmule/muleassist and the like.

Mar 08 2020
- Updated for TEST
- Updated for LIVE
- Fixed ${Spell[permanent spell here].Stack} so it actually returns true when they DO stack.
Mar 06 2020
- Added CTabWnd::RemovePage
- Fixed CXWnd::DrawColoredRect crash
Mar 03 2020 by Redguides
- MQ2TSTrophy (Sic) Added TLO's to TSTrophy as well as a new video explaining the functionality and the available TLOs
- MQ2Relocate (Sic, Knightly) Updated to version 2.0, cleaned up code
- MQ2Status (Sic, brainiac) Will now use Dannet if you have dannet loaded and don't have eqbc loaded, Standardized output color/format for readability
Fixed some typos and spacing issues, Huge refactoring "under the hood", check the resource for a video of the new features!
- CWTN Plugins (ChatWIthThisName, Sic) Autodismounting has a message, target switch issues with switchwithma fixed, spelling issues fixed,
MQ2Bst: Corrected issue with Alliance, spell memorization. MQ2War: Correct a "Can I Bash" error

Mar 03 2020
- Updated for TEST
- Updated for LIVE
- Added CPageWnd::FlashTab