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Very Vanilla MQ2 (Live Servers)

Vanilla Very Vanilla MQ2 (Live Servers) 2021-04-15

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Apr 14 2021 by RedGuides
- KissAssist (ctaylor22) Added code to reduce the Navigation spam when in combat. This version also has changes to help keep your character from running directly underneath Mobs before the initial attack is issued. MQ2DanNet syntax error fixed.
- MQ2Twist (Woobs) Fix Twist not using items

Apr 14 2021
- Updated for TEST
Apr 02 2021 by RedGuides
- MQ2Boxr (Sidien, Knightly) added support for MuleAssist, removed the CampRadius command. Code made easier to extend.
- MQ2Melee (BigDorf, Knightly) Bash will now ensure equipped gear is appropriate for bashing, including a check for the worn effect "two hand bash", code cleanup
- Multiple plugins (Sic, ChatWithThisName, brainiac) had a small fix for a bug with CTextEntryWnd: MQ2AdvPath, MQ2ChatWnd, MQ2Say, MQ2Notepad, MQ2IRC, MQ2EQBC, MQ2DPSAdv, MQ2Gmail, MQ2Twitch
Mar 16 2021 by RedGuides
- MQ2AutoForage (Jerk Chicken, Knightly) - Support per server INI files to reduce the management of multiple per character INI files. If the MQ2Forage_.ini exists it will continue to use that. Otherwise it will create and use MQ2Forage.ini

Mar 16 2021
- Added the eqlib namespace by Brainiac so we can free and allocate memory using eqs heap.
- Added a column sort fix by Brainiac
- Check bounds on notify select commands - Brainiac
- Misc Fixes
- Updated for TEST
Mar 10 2021 by RedGuides
- New Plugin! MQ2Boxr (Sidien, dannuic) MQ2Boxr provides a command to control boxes running CWTN plugins, KissAssist, and rgmercs. The idea is to have one common command, which can be broadcast to all boxed characters regardless of what they are running.
- MQ2AutoClaim (brainiac, ChatWithThisName, Knightly, dannuic) Fix check for cash when it isn't populated
- MQ2Melee (BigDorf) fix low level AA tests for 2H Bash, dont try to bash with 2H without AA
- MQ2FeedMe (Sic) Bards can now eat & drink while singing

Mar 10 2021
- Fix GetMoneyFromString and make an exported global helper for FormatMoneyString to do the opposite. - Brainiac
- Fixed a bug in mount detection - Brainiac
- Fixed a crash when setting an invalid keybind - Brainiac
- Updated for LIVE

Mar 05 2021
- Changed CombatState so it's no longer dependant on the player window.
Mar 03 2021
- Updated for TEST

Feb 27 2021
- Added pMarketplaceWnd and pPurchaseGroupWnd
Feb 27 2021 by RedGuides
- MQ2Main (brainiac) fix for camera zoom distance, helps with MQ2Camera

Feb 27 2021
- Added sorting capability to the /buyer buy lines list - Feature suggestion: Ladon
- Added sorting capability to the /barter inventory list
- Added a Value column to the /barter inventory list so we can sort by merchant value.
- Added Rightclick on item feature to /barter inventory list so it opens up the inspect item window on click.
Feb 22 2021 by RedGuides
- MQ2Melee (BigDorf, Knightly) - Stop unecessary item swaps in combat (Equip same ID from bags already in target slot)
- MQ2MoveUtils (Knightly) - Reverse Snaproll Left and Right
- Bazaar.mac (JerkChicken) - Setting your SellPriceMax to -1 will skip the item during seller updates, allowing manual pricing. Show the merchant value in BuyerReview mode. Show the Tribute value in BuyerReview mode.

Feb 22 2021
- Fix for FreeInventory (and other spots where GetCurrentInvSlots() is called) - SwiftyMUSE - Brainiac
- Everything is using the CHARINFONEW struct now, we will keep it like that for a couple patches then just remove old charinfo.
- Fixed ${Me.Buff[buff name].Caster} so it works like ${Target.Buff[buff name].Caster} when you have yourself as target
- Fixed a crash when right clicking fake labels on map
- Fixed a crash when adding circles to the map using /maploc when pcconcolor was set to 1
- Fixed a bug in setting mq2chatwnd location after zoning.
Feb 18 2021 by RedGuides
- MQ2Melee (BigDorf, Knightly) fix warrior 2H bash with AA Two-Handed Bash

Feb 18 2021
- Some Label fixes - brainiac/swiftymuse
Feb 17 2021
- Updated for LIVE

Feb 16 2021 by RedGuides
- New Plugin! MQ2Rand (Dewey2461, Sic) a "/random" helper for raids. Hit the start button and it gives a message to the raid, then populates a list announcing the winner.
- Bazaar.mac (JerkChicken) Many new features added, undercut percentage, update drift, review prices after each purchase/sale, aggressive selling/buying options, pause on start, and more.
- MQ2Autoforage (Sic, Knightly) No longer try and AutoForage while FD or Dead
- MQ2Melee (BigDorf, Knightly) fix knight's 2h bash, bug caused by Nov 2019 AA name change to "Improved Bash"

Feb 16 2021
- Updated for TEST
Jan 30 2021
- Fixed ${Me.PctExpToAA} ty cwtn for report

Jan 30 2021
- Fixed a backwards compatability problem with CPageWnd::GetTabText and CStmlWnd::GetSTMLText for TEST
If you already changed your plugins to use STMLText.Ptr instead of just STMLText you can change it back.
Sorry for the inconvenience, it was a difficult patch which took several days to fix,
I did not have time to think that change through until I had a good nights sleep.

Jan 29 2021 by RedGuides
- MQ2AFNuke (jimbob) Druid - Added some more DoT support (still have a bunch to add). Added AE spells and support (still have a bunch to add). Added spell Twincast. Magician - Added a ton of spells for lower levels. Enchanter - Added item clicky support that was missing. Added item clicky to GCD. Wizard - Fixed global cooldown AA Nukes and item clickies. Removed some refactored code that was commented out.
- MQ2Heals (jimbob) Changed some settings for rez support. It probably wasn't saving/reading the setting from the .ini correctly.

Jan 29 2021
- Updated for TEST

Jan 22 2021
- Fixed a bug where if you did not have a charm item equipped ${Me.Bandolier[blah].Active} would always return false
- Changed /doability so it now takes fake ID 1-6 where it previously only took 1-5 because people where confused when fake IDs did not work.
I strongly recommend you never use fake ID 1-8, it's incredibly stupid, just use the real name, for example /doability Hide
or the REAL ID which in the example of Hide is 29, so /doability 29
- Made a change to ${Target.CanSplashLand} so it takes floor z into account as well as spawn z, this should fix some corner cases where a splashspell can land
even though npc z is under or over the floor. - Feature request: Kaen01
- Changed ${Bazaar.Item[x].Trader} to return a stringtype
- Fixed ${Me.Grouped} to correctly return FALSE instead of NULL when not in a group.
- Made NUM_INV_SLOTS dynamic Use GetCurrentInvSlots() instead.