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very simple handin macro. stationary that grabs the first quest on the list.

Quest / Event very simple handin macro. stationary that grabs the first quest on the list.

|operating procedure|
targets the name you provide.
says the trigger word you provide.
grabs the first quest on the list.
re-targets the hand-in person you provide.
opens inventory
opens bags.
grabs item that you provide in a stack of whatever you have currently.
hands it to the person.
presses accept.
throws the rest into the bags.
waits the amount of time you provide.

Rich (BB code):
Sub Main
/delay 1s
/delay 1s
/notify TaskSelectWnd TSEL_AcceptButton leftmouseup
/delay 3s
/delay 5 ${Target.ID}
/if (!${Window[InventoryWindow]}) /keypress inventory
/delay 5 ${Window[InventoryWindow]}
/delay 2s
/keypress OPEN_INV_BAGS
/delay 2s
/shift /itemnotify ${FindItem[=XXXITEMNAMEXXX].InvSlot} leftmouseup
/delay 2s
/click left target
/delay 2s   
/click left target
/delay 3s
/notify TradeWnd TRDW_Trade_Button leftmouseup
/delay 1s
/delay 15m
/goto :Loop

First thing you would edit.
The name where XXXNPCNAMEXXX for the hand in person. it it occurs twice.
the last Delay before loop has 15m that's how long you would set it for the quest to loop. the one im doing happens to be 15 minutes.

final notes.
this npc is also the person that provides the quest. it works with more than one person based on your edits.
this is the first version and it is very basic.
and i give anyone permission to use cut chop or snip it apart.

Goatse Moneyshot
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Takes forever to do the steps in the macro. Could have hit all the keys with my nose and finished faster than this macro.
Goatse Moneyshot
Goatse Moneyshot
quit trying so hard. YOU HAVE FINGERS.