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v1ndi's Shaman

v1ndi's Shaman

  1. Yes
Server Type
  1. Live
Did you read the instructions?
  1. Yup
Hey guys, I haven't played in about 6 months and have no intention of returning to EQ. Feel free to update this resource as needed... I won't be updating it. Thanks for everyone who PM'd me wondering where I went. I'm doing fine, just taking a...
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Torment of Velious
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 6 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. purging a few useless things, changing some hp% values, and implementing Improved Pure Spirit

    if you encounter something broken please tell me
  2. Item Slot based Buffs, Heals, and Conditions are now accomplished through TLOs

    Now you don't have to fill in your name or item names anywhere, since people weren't doing it...
  3. ctrl+v bad, whitespace bad, useless conditions bad

    fixing stuff that I overlooked while copy pasting.

Latest reviews

perfect for healing group
Works like a boss.
Wonderful ini! Thank you - I had a pocket shammy that I was under-utilizing....
NOW - merc healers are gone and he is the main healer - and does and incredible job!
I havbe updated my ini to 111 - and can't wait to continue to update as I gain levels.

Again, thank you!
This .ini is very good through TBL, I use it with a Shaman main healing. Named or not, keeps on trucking. DPS too. Never OOM.
Healing Mearatas named NO problems. with just this Shaman ini Group geared and Nowhere near max aa Only about 2k above autogrant. In t2 and nonVisible from the zone.
Love the ini. Max AA Shm. I need to get from T2 to T3 TBL gear for the shaman to drop the cleric from the group completely.