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UpgradePelts.mac Super Simple Utility

Utility UpgradePelts.mac Super Simple Utility 9-12-2022

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Here's Super Simple Utility #2, since a few folks seemed to enjoy the groundspawn.mac.

I did this quest twice manually, and then decided there must be a better way. (/em gazes in despair at about 100 stacks of skins to grind through.)

I put the quest information and instructions directly in the macro for future reference. As I mention below, I have used this a number of times with hundreds of pelts/skins in my inventory. It works very solid for me. However, it was glitchy before I added the 1 second delay in the loop. If you have any issues, try increasing the loop delay. It does, technically, use moveutils, but it will work fine without it by just standing close to the quest npc and face him just like you would if you were going to do the turn in manually.

As always, if you use the mac, I would appreciate a cent to help maintain my RedGuides access. ;-)

Rich (BB code):
sub main
| Upgradepelts.mac
| By: TraderTesla
| See: http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/quest.html?quest=2317
| This macro uses the above quest to upgrade all carried LQ
| cat/wolf/bear pelts to MQ of same type, and then all the MQs to High Quality.
| Can only be done by Froglok, Guktan illusion, or crazy good faction.
| Best bet is to roll up a froggie mule on one of your accounts to run this on.
| 1) Load up your bags with all your low and medium quality cat, wolf, and bear pelts.
| 2) Go to Mountains of Rathe (POK, Gukta Stone)
| 3) Stand next to Dar Forager (/nav forager, or /stick if you prefer. It's safe in camp at L2.)
| 4) /mac upgradepelts.mac
| This a super simple mac, and reliable.
| I routinely run it with several hundred pelts at a time.

/declare PeltType string outer
/declare HQ int outer 0

/tar Dar Forager Lumun
/stick 5
/keypress OPEN_INV_BAGS
/say exchange
/delay 5s

/varset PeltType Low Quality Bear Skin
/call TurnIn
/varset PeltType Medium Quality Bear Skin
/call TurnIn
/varset PeltType Low Quality Cat Pelt
/call TurnIn
/varset PeltType Medium Quality Cat Pelt
/call TurnIn
/varset PeltType Low Quality Wolf Skin
/call TurnIn
/varset PeltType Medium Quality Wolf Skin
/call TurnIn
/echo We have created ${HQ} upgraded Pelts.
/keypress CLOSE_INV_BAGS
sub TurnIn

/declare Q int local 0
    /for Q 1 to 3
        /delay 1s
        /if (!${FindItem[=${PeltType}].InvSlot}) {
            /notify GiveWnd GVW_Cancel_Button leftmouseup
            /echo We are out of ${PeltType}.
        /ctrlkey /itemnotify ${FindItem[=${PeltType}].InvSlot} leftmouseup
        /click left target
    /next Q
/notify GiveWnd GVW_Give_Button leftmouseup
/varcalc HQ ${HQ}+1
/delay 1s
/goto :Loop
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