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Unmaintained Turnin.mac 9.3.2017

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As requested by klipche

Let me know if any issues.

Rich (BB code):
| turnin.mac - Sym 9.3.2017 exclusively for RedGuides.com
| Gives selected item on cursor to targeted npc
| Usage: /mac turnin [count]
| count is optional, default is 4
| Start macro with item to give on cursor and npc targeted.
| This macro will give one of each item to npc until count items have been given, then it will click the give button.
|   It will loop until there are no more items to give.

Sub Main
    /declare GiveCount int outer 4
    /if (${Defined[Param0]}) /varset GiveCount ${Param0}
    /declare a int 0
    /declare ItemToGive ${Cursor.Name}
    /if (!${Target.ID}) {
        /echo \arStart macro with NPC targeted.
    /if (!${Cursor.ID}) {
        /echo \arStart macro with turn in item on cursor.
    /if (${GiveCount} > 4) /varset GiveCount 4
    /delay 1s !${Cursor.ID}

    /while (${FindItemCount[=${ItemToGive}]}) {
        /for a 1 to ${GiveCount}
            /nomodkey /ctrlkey /itemnotify ${FindItem[=${ItemToGive}].InvSlot} leftmouseup
            /delay 1s ${Cursor.ID}
            /if (${Cursor.ID}) {
                /click left target
                /delay 1s !${Cursor.ID}
        /next a
        /notify GiveWnd GVW_Give_Button leftmouseup
        /delay 10s !${Window[GiveWnd].Open}

    /if (${Window[GiveWnd].Open}) {
        /notify GiveWnd GVW_Give_Button leftmouseup

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Works perfectly for my needs, doing Whistling Fists and using this to gain faction so an enslaved iksar will talk to me.