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Spawn Check/Map Entry Maker

Unmaintained Spawn Check/Map Entry Maker 1.0

Download now:  Join us with Level 2 access or earn your way in with  RedCents.
Although this and other macros I write are not exclusively for use by RedGuides,
I am authorizing its use for the community.
(This and other macros I write may be available at "other" MQ2 sites).

This macro has been tested using the most recent RedGuides MQ2 compile.

This macro and all others I submit for the community will be fully supported by myself
(as long as you have not altered the code for it).
Changing user specific (non global) declares is permissible.

This handy macro functions in two ways:

1) Alerts you to any named that are in zone that drop loot, via a popup message and a MQ window echo.

2) Creates an entry in the MacroQuest2\Logs\SpawnCk.mac log file with the name of the mapfile to add the named address to and the mapfile line address itself.


Rich (BB code):
[01/12/2015 13:36:18] -----------------------------------------------------------------
[01/12/2015 13:36:18] [BlackBurrow] - Mapfile: [Oldblackburrow_2.txt]
[01/12/2015 13:36:18] P -555.00, 20.00, -67.13, 240, 0, 0, 3, Slavemaster_Raouk
[01/12/2015 13:36:18] -----------------------------------------------------------------

This utility is great for being able to know what mobs in zone are loot droppers, as well as creating a label entry for them to put into your map files if it is missing.

I have updated the INI file to include all non specialized (standard) zones from:

All annual Hardcore/Revamped zones
Secrets of Faydwer
Seeds of Destruction
House of Thule
Veil of Alaris
Rain of Fear
Call of the Forsaken
The Darkened Sea
The Broken Mirror
Empires of Kunark

I have also converted the named ini file to work with the MQ2SpawnMaster plugin!!!!! (THIS IS UBER)
That will be included as well.

At the very least, even if you don't use this macro . . . I highly advise you to use the config file I provided for MQ2SpawnMaster.
I'm extremely diligent about updating the ini files for all known loot dropping named!

Enjoy, and happy hunting!

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