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Trade / Skill Skills.mac - auto skill raiser

Server Type
Live, Test Server
This is part of another macro I wrote for new toons. This mac will use whatever spells you have memmed or abilities you have on your ability keys. It will use your target if you have one and attempt more abilities, else will use yourself as target. It ignores certain spells like gate, DA, and a few others. It should work with vanilla compile, but if some TLO says it doesnt exist, let me know.
Rich (BB code):
Sub Main
/declare AbilityTimer timer outer
/echo ${Macro.Name} loaded.
/call Abilities
/if (${Me.PctMana} && !${Me.Class.ShortName.Equal[brd]}) /call Skills
/if (!${AbilityTimer}) {
/call Abilities
/varset AbilityTimer 7s
/goto :mainloop


Sub Abilities
    /if (${Me.Skill[tracking]} < ${Skill[tracking].SkillCap} && ${Me.AbilityReady[tracking]}) /doability "tracking"
    /if (${Window[TrackingWnd].Child[TRW_DoneButton]}) /notify TrackingWnd TRW_DoneButton leftmouseup
    /if (${Me.Skill[feign death]} < ${Skill[feign death].SkillCap} && ${Me.AbilityReady[feign death]}) {
        /doability "feign death"
        /delay 5
        /if (!${Me.Standing}) /stand
    /if (${Me.Skill[hide]} < ${Skill[hide].SkillCap} && ${Me.AbilityReady[hide]}||!${AbilityTimer} && ${Me.Ability[hide]}) /doability "hide"
    /if (${Me.Skill[sneak]} < ${Skill[sneak].SkillCap} && ${Me.AbilityReady[sneak]}||!${AbilityTimer}  && ${Me.Ability[sneak]}) /doability "sneak"
    /if (${Me.Skill[mend]} < ${Skill[mend].SkillCap} && ${Me.AbilityReady[mend]}) /doability "mend"
    /if (!${Target.ID}||${Target.Type.Equal[pc]} && ${Zone.Type}||${Target.Master.Type.Equal[PC]} && ${Zone.Type}||${Target.Type.Equal[corpse]}||${Target.Distance}>${Target.MaxRange}||${Target.ID}==${Me.ID}) /return
    /if (${Me.AbilityReady[flying kick]}) /doability "flying kick"
    /if (${Me.AbilityReady[bash]} && (${InvSlot[offhand].Item.Type.Find[shield]}||${Me.AltAbility[2 Hand Bash]})) /doability "bash"
    /if (${Me.AbilityReady[frenzy]}) /doability "frenzy"
    /if (${Me.AbilityReady[slam]} && !${Me.AbilityReady[bash]}) /doability "slam"
    /if (${Me.AbilityReady[round kick]}) /doability "round kick"
    /if (${Me.AbilityReady[kick]}) /doability "kick"
    /if (${Me.AbilityReady[tiger claw]}) /doability "tiger claw"
    /if (${Target.Distance}<12 && ${Me.AbilityReady[Disarm]}) /doability "Disarm"
    /if (${Me.AbilityReady[Backstab]} && ${Melee.Behind}) /doability "Backstab"

Sub Skills
/if (${Me.Casting.ID} && !${Me.Class.ShortName.Equal[BRD]}||${Me.Hovering}||${Window[tradewnd].Open}||${Window[lootwnd].Open}) /return
     /if (${Me.Skill[Abjuration]} < ${Skill[Abjuration].SkillCap}) /call Raise Abjuration
     /if (${Me.Skill[Alteration]} < ${Skill[Alteration].SkillCap}) /call Raise Alteration
     /if (${Me.Skill[Conjuration]} < ${Skill[Conjuration].SkillCap}) /call Raise Conjuration
     /if (${Me.Skill[Divination]} < ${Skill[Divination].SkillCap}) /call Raise Divination
     /if (${Me.Skill[Evocation]} < ${Skill[Evocation].SkillCap}) /call Raise Evocation
  /if (${Me.Skill[Divination]} >= ${Skill[Divination].SkillCap} && ${Me.Skill[Evocation]} >= ${Skill[Evocation].SkillCap} && ${Me.Skill[Abjuration]} >= ${Skill[Abjuration].SkillCap} && ${Me.Skill[Alteration]} >= ${Skill[Alteration].SkillCap} && ${Me.Skill[Divination]} >= ${Skill[Divination].SkillCap} && ${Me.Skill[Conjuration]} >= ${Skill[Conjuration].SkillCap}) {
       /echo Skills maxed.

Sub Raise(skilltype)
/if (${Me.Casting.ID} && !${Me.Class.ShortName.Equal[BRD]}||${Me.Hovering}||${Window[tradewnd].Open}||${Window[lootwnd].Open}) /return
/declare i int local
/if (${Cursor.ID} && !${Cursor.NoRent} && ${skilltype.Equal[Conjuration]}) /autoinv
/if (${Cursor.ID} && ${Cursor.NoRent} && ${skilltype.Equal[Conjuration]}) /destroy
/if (${Cursor.ID} && ${skilltype.Equal[Conjuration]}) /goto :checkcursor
/for i 1 to 12
/if (${Me.CurrentMana}>${Me.Gem[${i}].Mana} && ${Me.Gem[${i}].Skill.Equal[${skilltype}]} && !${Me.GemTimer[${i}]} && ${Me.SpellReady[${Me.Gem[${i}]}]} && !${Select[${Me.Gem[${i}].Category},Transport,Traps,Aura]} && !${Select[${Me.Gem[${i}].Subcategory},Misc,Invulnerability]} && (!${Me.Gem[${i}].Subcategory.Find[Sum: ]}||!${Me.Pet.ID})) {
         /if (${Me.Gem[${i}].TargetType.Equal[Single]} && ${Target.Type.NotEqual[npc]} && ${${Me.Gem[${i}].SpellType.Equal[Detrimental]}}) {
             /squelch /tar npc range ${Me.Gem[${i}].MyRange}
             /delay 1
             /if (!${Target.ID}) /squelch /tar myself
             /delay 1
         /if (${Me.Gem[${i}].TargetType.Equal[Single]} && !${Target.ID} && ${${Me.Gem[${i}].SpellType.NotEqual[Detrimental]}}) {
             /if (!${Target.ID}) /squelch /tar myself
             /delay 1
         /if (${Me.Gem[${i}].TargetType.Equal[pet]} && !${Me.Pet.ID}) /goto :skip
         /casting "${Me.Gem[${i}]}" gem${i}
         /delay 1s
         /delay 10s !${Me.Casting.ID}
/next i

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