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Utility RoTs.mac 1.03

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🏢 Live Test
RoTs.mac is a very basic Remnant of Tranquility management tool. It has two functions: RoTs.mac will take all your RoTs out of your alternate currency tab and inventory them for you; RoTs.mac will take your RoTs from alt currency and trade them to your in range target until there are no more RoTs left to grab.

I have millions of RoTs and frankly managing them all is a time sink that I can't be arsed with. This macro doesn't do any fancy tricks or flips or shit, it just does the above.

I also had to throttle the timing of the macro quite a bit as when I tried to speed this process up, I'd get disconnected from the server every time. Feel free to edit the timing to do your own experimentation.

To inventory your RoTs, clear your target and run /mac rots.mac. To trade them, simply target the person with whom to trade, make sure you are in trade distance, and run /mac rots.mac.
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