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Utility Robe Illusion Macro 2

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Ever wanted to have a robe graphic as a Plate or Chain wearing class? Now you can...

This macro assumes your using Amulet of Necropotence as a temporary illusion as you must have an illusion that the robe will not show up in for this to work.

- You need a all/all robe with any graphic. The "Shade Silk Robe" is one and is easy to craft.
- Apply ornamentation to the robe
- Place robe in inventory
- Use "Find Item" in the inventory window to find the slot you put robe in. Example General 10-11 would be bag #10, Slot #11
- Open Robe.mac
- Update the Bag, Slot and FinalIllusion.
- Type "/mac robe" or make a hotkey for easier use.

- remove /useitem "Final Illusion Item Name Here" if you want to stay as your original race


Special thanks for Sic and Hytiek for help
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