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Utility OrbGrab.mac 1.0

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Here is a macro I had made to simplify getting all the ground collections with my Rog. It was started when I tinkered with GroundGrab to get it to pick up Orbs for me and continued to modify it. I also borrowed some snippets from Kiss and PocketFarm (Ty). I am not a programmer; code is sloppy and the whole idea may not even be a good one but it worked for me.

The character will run to get the closest Orb it can grab that are on the mesh. If no Orbs are reachable on the Mesh it will begin running back and forth between the four ini points looking for available Orbs.

Requires MQ2Nav and Meshes.

1.) Definitely not a AFK macro. Too many variables to control. You'll eventually die, get stuck or collect all Orbs available.
2.) It is only as good as the mesh you are using. I had learned how to mod meshes quite well.
3.) It is best used with a Rog. If you are a bard it will fade off any attackers instead of fighting. I turned on fighting in low level zones.
4.) Tinker around with what points are in the ini including yourself. This will maybe give you more orbs to try. Stay away from generic named mobs.
5.) This will piss off your server if run afk. It is too uncanny to get orbs that well. Do not do it.

Things that would make this better:
1.) I tried to make a spherical search around Orbs that are off mesh to see if there was a 20 foot point anywhere around it that had a mesh point. This would allow some flexibility as to what orbs were reachable rather than strictly on the mesh. Math was way above my High School capacity.
2.) A randomized search of mobs far away on mesh to run to. I could not get a randomized search working so I continued to stick with the ini.
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Latest reviews

Basic and to the point, sometimes that is the best method. Please continue to update this, and maybe collab with someone with higher math skills, you did an amazing job.
Nicely done, works well for standard ground objects, EQ designers must be putting them in difficult to get places that requires manual jumping and such now.