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Quest / Event Old Man Mckenzie - Group Macro Beta 1.15

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Software Requirements
MQ2Dannet, MQ2Moveutils, MQ2Nav
Server Type
Live, TLP, Test Server
Old Man McKenzie Group Macro, by TempusX and Levox

Be gentle, this is my first macro I've written that is actually useful and (for me) relatively involved. This is a public "Beta" in that it will complete all tasks without fail, but there are some known issues we're aware of and looking at fixes for. Those issues DO NOT result in failures of the tasks. We'll be streamlining the code also as we go. Further, there will be a hands-on raid macro coming shortly after we optimize it.

the 'omm_grp.mac' file in your Macros folder
the 'gukbottom.navmesh' file goes into your MQ2Nav folder - you'll need to overwrite the RG launcher version of the guk mesh for now.

*NOTE* - Back up your current guk mesh if you want. Ours is not in the RG repository yet, but Levox fixed a LOT of pathing problems (including in the water tunnels) to make this work smoothly.

All testing was completed with a 6 man group. The minimum required is 3 (Default classes will be SHM MAG ENC) and groups of 3 are currently untested (ie you might die in some places).

This macro will expect you to have MQ2Dannet, MQ2Moveutils, and MQ2Nav loaded (plus the included gukbottom navmesh).
It expects you to provide one parameter to determine your chosen instance. Options are: naggy, lguk, dguk to correspond to
the solb, lower guk, and cursed guk instances respectively.
You are expected to be in POK to run this, and all characters must run the macro.
You will need to open and assign loot from the chest at the end. The rest you should "monitor" and be present for.

Known Issues:
There currently is a known issue with the mage shroud not "updating" itself at the designated checkpoints. This causes the mage to very late, run back through the instance to get the locational "updates". We're working on a solution. It will not fail your task, but it's annoying.

There is no "run back" feature if you die. However in testing of some 50-70+ runs, there have been no deaths or anything close to a death.

Also there is no "restart" feature for the macro if you need to restart mid mission (yet!) because you crashed, decided to end, etc.

Notes: I'd like to thank CWTN, MaxD, Kaen, and Hytiek (and if I missed someone, im sorry!) for helping me wiggle through a few items I ddnt understand how to code, and suffering my very incessant line of questions while I was developing this. You guys are awesome!

If you have any issues, problems or otherwise, please post back what you were doing when you had the issue, the error message, etc so we can fix things. thanks!
First release
Last update
4.67 star(s) 3 ratings

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Latest reviews

Group missions went flawless! Raids worked great especially with the map and strategy posted!
Great effort and thanks. The group macro has been flawless and simple+easy to use.
Thank you for making this. I also like the flavor text.