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modrod 1.1

Server Type
Live, TLP
Usage: /mac modrod
Summons modrods based on requests in chat. Will respond to:
- abc tells xyz, 'ModRod clicked: abc'
for people to announce they've used their mod rod, generally in /rs
- abc tells xyz, 'ModRod to abc'
for people to request a mod rod
- /modrod abc
command to summon modrod for abc

Macro based loosely around chrot macro from https://www.redguides.com/community/threads/raiding-strats.73397/post-444804
In my case, the chrot macro was updated for clerics to do "/rs ModRod to {name}" when the macro begins, and also "/rs ModRod clicked: {name}" whenever the modrod was clicked.

The whole thing could probably be done better just setting up begs in various boxing macros but this has worked well.

The macro is hardcoded to use spell "Modulating Rod" memorized in gem 6. This was written while playing on Rizlona during velious era, so these values likely need updating if used in some other setting.
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Latest updates

  1. Fix target

    Don't try cleaning up macros while EQ is down for a patch.. fix /target command.