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Max Rogue Bind Wounds

Trade / Skill Max Rogue Bind Wounds 1.0

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A slightly updated Macro for rogues with Hack RK.III who just never bothered to max out bind wounds.

Rich (BB code):
Sub Main
/echo Bind_wound Loaded.
  /if (${Me.PctHPs} <= 95) /call Bandaide
  /if (${Me.PctHPs} >= 99) /call Hack
  /goto :mainloop

Sub bandaide

  /target (${Me})
  /delay 14s
  /if (${Me.AbilityReady["Bind Wound"]}) /doability "bind wound"
  /if (${Me.PctHPs} >= 95) /return
  /goto :bandaide

Sub Event_End
Sub End
   /echo GO Buy Band-Aids, You are bleeding!!!

Sub Event_Hack
Sub Hack
  /disc Hack RK. III
  /delay 15s
  /if (${FindItemCount[=Bandages]}==0) /call End
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