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Unmaintained Max Bind Wounds Skill 1.0

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So, I'm the type of player who likes to max out all skills. My one skill that I found difficult to max out after hitting max level and max AAs was Bind Wounds. I couldn't find DOTs that would get me down in life enough to keep using bind wounds. So I did a little brain storming and came up with a solution. Unequip all my gear and then reequip it. This would drop my HPs down 30% or more and then I could bind wounds from there.

So I present my Bind Wounds macro:
Rich (BB code):
| Version 1.0 20JAN15 by GPS_Soldier
| Ensure that you have Bind Wounds button enabled on your Action menu Ctrl+C and add it
#include Ninjadvloot.inc

Sub Main
	|Replace the name of the bandage vendor from NPCNAME, you only need to put the first name of the vendor
	/declare BandageMerchantName local NPCNAME
	|Replace the number of bandages you want to buy each visit to vendor, replace XYZ with the number of bandages to buy
	/declare BandageCount int local XYZ
	|Replace ABC with skill number you want Bind Wounds to stop at
	/declare BwSkill int local ABC
	|/echo Entering PurchaseBandages Section
	|Purchase Bandages
	/if (${Me.Skill[Bind Wound]}>=${BwSkill}) {
		/echo Bind Wound is now ${BwSkill}, which is the setting you wanted to stop at.
		/echo Ending the macro now.
        /goto :StopMacro
	/if (${FindItemCount[=Bandages]}==0) {
		/target ${BandageMerchantName}
		/delay 1s
		/call npc "${Target.CleanName}"
		/call Buy "Bandages" ${BandageCount}
	|/echo Leaving PurchaseBandages Section
    /goto :CheckSlots
	|/echo Entering CheckSlots Section
	| Check Available Inventory Slots
	/if (${Me.FreeInventory} < 23) {
		/echo You need to free up 23 Inventory Slots to be on the safe side for this Macro, you only have ${Me.FreeInventory} available.
		/echo This macro is now ending so you can free up inventory slots.
		/goto :StopMacro

	/if (${Me.FreeInventory} >=23) {
		/echo You have ${Me.FreeInventory} Slots available, you should not have any problems with taking off gear!
	|/echo Leaving CheckSlots Section
	/goto :MoveEquipment
	|/echo Entering MoveEquipment Section
	|This section creates an array holding equipment information by slot, removes it, and then puts it back on the toon
	/declare EquipID[22] int local
    /declare slot int local
    /declare arrayIndex int local
    /echo Taking gear off now!
    /for slot 0 to 21
		/varcalc arrayIndex ${slot}+1
		/varset EquipID[${arrayIndex}] ${Me.Inventory[${slot}].ID}
		/squelch /unequip ${slot}
		/delay 1s
    /next slot
	/echo Putting all gear back on now!
	/for slot 0 to 21
		/varcalc arrayIndex ${slot}+1
		/squelch /exchange ${EquipID[${arrayIndex}]} ${slot}
		/delay 1s
	/next slot

	/deletevar slot
	/deletevar arrayIndex
	/deletevar EquipID
	|/echo Leaving MoveEquipment Section
	/goto :BindWounds
	|/echo Entering BindWounds Section
	|Section that binds wounds
	/target clear
	/delay 1s
	/target myself
	/delay 1s
			/if (${Me.Skill[Bind Wound]}>=${BwSkill}) {
				/echo Bind Wound is now ${BwSkill}, which is the setting you wanted to stop at.
				/echo Ending the macro now.
				/goto :StopMacro
			/if (${FindItem[bandage].ID} && ${Me.PctHPs}<=100 && ${Me.AbilityReady[Bind Wound]}) {
				/doability "Bind Wound"
				/delay 1s
			/if (!${FindItem[bandage].ID}) {
				/echo You must get more bandages...
				|/echo Leaving BindWounds Section
				/goto :PurchaseBandages
			/delay 3s
			/if (${Me.PctHPs} >= 99) {
				/echo Health is to high, time to take off gear again. Current Bind Wound skill is ${Me.Skill[Bind Wound]}.
				|/echo Leaving BindWounds Section
				/goto :MoveEquipment
		/goto :loop
	/deletevar BandageMerchantName
	/deletevar BandageCount
	/deletevar BwSkill
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