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Macro to cast Enchant or Imbue... or other spell

Utility Macro to cast Enchant or Imbue... or other spell 1.0

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So, I have been working my TS for artisan prize.

I found I needed to have my enchanter or cleric Imbue or Enchant some materials for certain combines. I got tired of casting the spell over and over my self as I need 100s or enchanted clay and gems and such.

I made a macro to repeated cast one spell for the Enchanter to mass enchant clay, or any other spell I need to cast.

Make sure to have the materials on you or else the macro will end and tell you to go buy the required materials.

Hope this helps others out.

Just run the macro, then go into the Ini file for your toon. Then just type in the name of the spell you wish to cast then re run the macro.

It should mem the spell in the MiscGem slot you choose or leave it to 8 if that spell is not memorized already on your spell bar.
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Was exactly what i was looking for while leveling up my reaserch and didnt want to summon a 1000 essence myself! amazing work