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lvl 100 Necromancer

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🏢 Live Test
Spent the weekend working on a Necro ini from scratch since I couldn't find one around here for some reason. In an effort to give back since Ive been bugging people with questions, here it is for others.

The necro gets about 8-12k dps in before the mob is dead. In my box crew we kill mobs really fast so the necro isn't terribly useful. If the mob would stay alive longer obviously the necro's dps numbers would be better. With this ini he casts his two biggest swift dots and two swarm pet spells... but most cases he never gets to the second swarm pet cast because the mob is dead. In general only the first swift dot wears off before the mob is dead also.

PS - I'm open to suggestions on improving it as well.

Buffs1=Quivering Tendon
Buffs2=Ring of Endless Demise
Buffs3=Forsakenside Rk. II
Buffs4=Cascade of Decay
Buffs5=Death Bloom
Buffs6=Funeral Pyre
Buffs7=Fundament: First Spire of Necromancy
Buffs8=Necromancer's Severed Hand|Mount
Buffs9=Shield of the Dauntless Rk. II
Buffs10=Necrotic Cysts Rk. II|MA
DPS1=Osalur's Flashblaze Rk. II|99
DPS2=Bora's Swift Sickness Rk. II|96
DPS3=Call Skeleton Throng Rk. II|90
DPS4=Call Skeleton Host Rk. II|85
DPS5=Itkari's Swift Deconstruction Rk. II|80
DPS6=Frenzy of the Dead|75
DPS8=Latent Etheric Robe of the Exhumer|98
DPS9=Funeral Pyre|83
PetSpell=Unearthed Assassin
PetBuffs1=Sigil of the Sundered Rk. II

- - - Updated - - -

- - - Updated - - -

Here is my 100 Mage buffs 13-20 is my gear clcikies so you can get rid of those unless you have the save gear as me haha

from Maskoi's pet buff section I added Virulent Talon, AA pet buff first level 95 12 AAs second level 100 15 AAs, it is a really great pet proc buff lasts about 17 mins recast time 20 mins.

works pretty well

Thanks for sharing.. I used some of it to improve my own mage. One thing I noticed is you have a buff slot taken up with your pet shrink clicky ear, but also you are shrinking your pet in the pet buff section. You could free up a buff slot for something like Fire Core, Elemental Union, Improved Twincast, etc.
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