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Low level wizard nuker

Combat Assist Low level wizard nuker 1

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Apologies to Maskoi. What I have done is to take his most excellent Macro and turn it into what I call
This macro is for a Wizard who is doing Achievements in low level zones where the mobs can nearly be looked at by a 105 wizard and they die.
It's annoying that zones we killed everything in like Kunark years ago, we have to go kill everything again, to get the ACH, which are now a lot more important than they were. So I took the macro, and set it up to use the first 4 spells you mem, they should all be fast casting spells, low mana use, I am using 50 to 60 level spells. You go in a zone and simply start the macro, it will target anything in your view and work it's way through every mob in sight.
I am playing with the idea of creating a path for all the named needed. Goods Maps (Current version) marks every mob you need for all the Hunter and other ACH.

Rich (BB code):
| LOW v1 8/2/2017

| None of this is my original work. Except one line of code, and that is just a /slash command All I have done is
|to take Maskoi's Masterblaster and ripped the heart out of it.
|Ripped by Darkdevil, into something it was not meant to be

#turbo 80

Sub Main
    /declare MacVersion string outer 1

    /declare NukeAt int outer 100
    /declare NukeDelay int outer 1
    /echo Starting Low v${MacVersion}
        /keypress F8
        /delay 1
        /if (${Target.Type.Equal[npc]} && ${Target.PctHPs}<=${NukeAt}) /call Nuke
    /goto :MainLoop
    Sub Nuke
        /declare i int local
        /for i 1 to 4
        |/echo ${i} ${Spell[${Me.Gem[${i}]}].Category} ${Me.Gem[${i}]}
            /if (${Target.Type.Equal[npc]}) {
                /if (${Spell[${Me.Gem[${i}]}].Category.Equal[Direct Damage]} && ${Me.SpellReady[${i}]} && !${Me.SpellInCooldown}) {
                        /cast "${Me.Gem[${i}]}"
                        /echo Casting ${Me.Gem[${i}]} Gem${i}
                        /delay 10s !${Me.Casting.ID}
                /call WeaveAAs
                    /if (${Macro.Return.Find[0]}) /delay 2s
            /delay ${NukeDelay}s
        /next i

    Sub WeaveAAs
        /if (${Me.AltAbilityReady[Force of Flame]}) {
            /alt act 1266
            /delay 5s !${Me.SpellInCooldown}
            /echo Weaving Force of Flame
            /return 1
        } else /if (${Me.AltAbilityReady[Force of Ice]}) {
            /alt act 1267
            /delay 5s !${Me.SpellInCooldown}
            /echo Weaving Force of Ice
            /return 1
        } else /if (${Me.AltAbilityReady[Force of Will]}) {
            /alt act 1154
            /delay 5s !${Me.SpellInCooldown}
            /echo Weaving Force of Will
            /return 1
    /return 0

Thank Maskoi here...........

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