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Guide Levels 1-40 Solo Luclin Cash Making Guide

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🏢 Live 🏘️ Emu Test
Hi guys, welcome to my first exclusive Luclin money making guide, catered to the Phinny server. I've looked through many resources on cool places to XP, while also getting some money. Note, this guide isn't the best place to XP and most, if not all, are solo XP spots that I would call Netflix camps (very easy going camps that don't need much effort.)

Without further ado, here we are!

Levels 1-20: Paludal Caverns


Located off of Shadow Haven, Paludal Caverns is a very popular XP spot. With that being said, not all XP spots in Paludal Caverns are frequently visited, such as the Shik`Nars, located in the far Northern part of the zone. Shik`Nars range from level 12-17 and drop stackable Shik`Nar Legs/Wings very frequently, 1.5gp value to merchants, and Shik`Nar eyes rarely, 22p merchant value. For such a low level camp and being very unpopular, you can make tons of money here without much effort. Though you may be able to make money faster at bandits, you'll often find that you will get a full inventory quickly, be encumbered, and fight many other players for mobs. The Shik`Nars, however, don't face any of those issues!

Alternate Teens Zone 15-25: Hollowshade Moor


Hollowshade Moor, located off of Shar Vahl, is one of the most unpopulated zones in Luclin. In the South Eastern corner of the zone, you will find a fishing village that, if controlled by Grimlings, will result in a massive amount of money. These low HP mobs that range from level 17-mid 20's, drop stackable runes that sell anywhere from 1 plat to 5 plat PER rune. Grimlings are seriously the best thing to happen with the introduction to Luclin, they ALWAYS drop runes, and often times 3 times a kill. I've gotten 15plat off of many grimlings due to great RNG.

Levels 20-30: Twilight Sea


When you realize how big of a cash crop Twilight Sea is, and fairly good xp, you will be blown away. The island you start on after being ported in, is filled with elementals. These elementals normally start off non-kos and after killing there for 10+ hours I never once became KOS. Killing random water, fire, and earth elementals (not sure why SOE didn't add air eles here,) can spawn named versions of elementals. These elementals, all low-mid 20s, drop very nice ranged items that I've personally sold for 8k+; in particular, one of the more sought after ranged is Fetish of the Agile. Due to its rarity, if you were patient, you could probably get multiple krono for this piece.

Levels 30-40: Grimling Forest


A popular theme in this guide is unpopulated camps that yield great cash reward. Grimling Forest is no different! In this zone, starting around level 30, you will find tons of bandit camps. Pick a camp that suits you and start farming! Note, you will need harmony/pacify to make sure to pull singles. These guys are quick respawns, drop fine steel weapons which sell for 5p+, fine steel armor 50p+, and spawn the Courier which drops the Copper Medal of War. I've seen Beastlord's camp this piece for lengthy period of times, so if you get a drop, make sure to auction it in general, auction, and beastlord chat. Chances are you will be able to sell this piece for an EASY 1k. I just sold one last night for around this amount.
Once you get into high 30's, you'll find that the bandits aren't cutting it on XP, no big deal! Move to the grimlings located near Acrylia Caverns zone line. Find a good spot for you (one great spot is right at the entrance of the caves,) and start pulling Grimlings. Similar to Hollowshade Moor, you will get 2-3 runes per kill, many runes valued at 5pp per drop. This isn't counting any additional weapons 5p a piece.

I've only leveled up to 40 so far, so I hope you enjoy my guide! Please post any additional feedback/suggestions you may have!
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