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Lazy DotBot

Utility Lazy DotBot 1.0

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Hello Everyone! I threw this macro together one night as I was tired of re-casting all my dots. Once I started talking about it on mumble a few others wanted it and more features. I haven't extensively tested the healing yet but it should work fine.

- Everything is configurable via the INI.
- Will only use abilities, combat abilities, nukes, and dots when in combat.
- You can target a tank when running the macro to enable tank healing.
-- You don't have to the macro runs fine without doing so.

Rich (BB code):
|            DotBot.mac
|        Last Modified by: TheDroidUrLookingFor
|            Includes
|#include advpath.inc
|#include advpath2.inc
#include spell_routines.inc
|#define CHATMETHOD "/if (${UseIRC}) /i say"
#define CHATMETHOD "/if (${UseEQBC}) /bc"
#define CHATMETHOD1 "/echo"
|            Events
#Event BuffWornOff "Your #1# spell has worn off of #2#."

Sub Main 
/call Declares
/popup ALL VARIABLES LOADED: Check Mq2 Window for Errors.

/if (${UseIRC}) /iconnect ${IRCServerAddr} ${IRCPort} ${IRCChannel} ${Me}
/if (${UseEQBC}) /bccmd connect ${EQBCServerAddr} ${EQBCPort} ${EQBCPassword}

/if (!${Target.ID}) {
        CHATMETHOD1 [DB]: Target your tank when you run this macro. [DB]
        CHATMETHOD1 [DB]: No tank set. [DB]
} else {
/if (${Target.Type.Equal[PC]}) {
    /varset M_Assist ${Target}
    CHATMETHOD1 [DB]: I will cast heals on ${Target}. [DB]
    } else {
    /if (${Target.Type.Equal[NPC]}) {
        CHATMETHOD1 [DB]: Target your tank when you run this macro not an NPC. [SB]
        CHATMETHOD1 [DB]: No tank set. [DB]

| --- MAIN LOOP ---|

/call HPCheck
/call MPCheck

/if (${DoGroupHeal}) /call GroupHeals
/if (${DoHeal}) /call HealTank

/if (${DoDot} && ${Me.Combat} && ${Target.Type.Equal[NPC]} && ${Target.PctHPs} <= ${DotAt} && ${Target.Distance} <= ${Spell[${DotOne}].MyRange} && !${Target.Buff[${DotOne}].Name.Equal[${DotOne}]}) /call Dot "${DotOne}"
/if (${DoDot} && ${Me.Combat} && ${Target.Type.Equal[NPC]} && ${Target.PctHPs} <= ${DotAt} && ${Target.Distance} <= ${Spell[${DotTwo}].MyRange} && !${Target.Buff[${DotTwo}].Name.Equal[${DotTwo}]}) /call Dot "${DotTwo}"
/if (${DoDot} && ${Me.Combat} && ${Target.Type.Equal[NPC]} && ${Target.PctHPs} <= ${DotAt} && ${Target.Distance} <= ${Spell[${DotThree}].MyRange} && !${Target.Buff[${DotThree}].Name.Equal[${DotThree}]}) /call Dot "${DotThree}"
/if (${DoDot} && ${Me.Combat} && ${Target.Type.Equal[NPC]} && ${Target.PctHPs} <= ${DotAt} && ${Target.Distance} <= ${Spell[${DotFour}].MyRange} && !${Target.Buff[${DotFour}].Name.Equal[${DotFour}]}) /call Dot "${DotFour}"
/if (${DoDot} && ${Me.Combat} && ${Target.Type.Equal[NPC]} && ${Target.PctHPs} <= ${DotAt} && ${Target.Distance} <= ${Spell[${DotFive}].MyRange} && !${Target.Buff[${DotFive}].Name.Equal[${DotFive}]}) /call Dot "${DotFive}"

/if (${DoNuke} && ${Me.Combat} && ${Target.Type.Equal[NPC]} && ${Target.PctHPs} <= ${NukeAt} && ${Target.Distance} <= ${Spell[${NukeOne}].MyRange} && !${Target.Buff[${NukeOne}].Name.Equal[${NukeOne}]}) /call Nuke "${NukeOne}"
/if (${DoNuke} && ${Me.Combat} && ${Target.Type.Equal[NPC]} && ${Target.PctHPs} <= ${NukeAt} && ${Target.Distance} <= ${Spell[${NukeTwo}].MyRange} && !${Target.Buff[${NukeTwo}].Name.Equal[${NukeTwo}]}) /call Nuke "${NukeTwo}"
/if (${DoNuke} && ${Me.Combat} && ${Target.Type.Equal[NPC]} && ${Target.PctHPs} <= ${NukeAt} && ${Target.Distance} <= ${Spell[${NukeThree}].MyRange} && !${Target.Buff[${NukeThree}].Name.Equal[${NukeThree}]}) /call Nuke "${NukeThree}"
/if (${DoNuke} && ${Me.Combat} && ${Target.Type.Equal[NPC]} && ${Target.PctHPs} <= ${NukeAt} && ${Target.Distance} <= ${Spell[${NukeFour}].MyRange} && !${Target.Buff[${NukeFour}].Name.Equal[${NukeFour}]}) /call Nuke "${NukeFour}"
/if (${DoNuke} && ${Me.Combat} && ${Target.Type.Equal[NPC]} && ${Target.PctHPs} <= ${NukeAt} && ${Target.Distance} <= ${Spell[${NukeFive}].MyRange} && !${Target.Buff[${NukeFive}].Name.Equal[${NukeFive}]}) /call Nuke "${NukeFive}"

/if (${DoAbilitiy} && ${Me.Combat} && ${Target.Type.Equal[NPC]} && ${Target.PctHPs} <= ${AbilitiyAt} && ${Target.Distance} <= 50 && ${Me.AbilityReady["${AbilityOne}"]}) /doability ${AbilityOne}
/if (${DoAbilitiy} && ${Me.Combat} && ${Target.Type.Equal[NPC]} && ${Target.PctHPs} <= ${AbilitiyAt} && ${Target.Distance} <= 50 && ${Me.AbilityReady["${AbilityTwo}"]}) /doability ${AbilityTwo}
/if (${DoAbilitiy} && ${Me.Combat} && ${Target.Type.Equal[NPC]} && ${Target.PctHPs} <= ${AbilitiyAt} && ${Target.Distance} <= 50 && ${Me.AbilityReady["${AbilityThree}"]}) /doability ${AbilityThree}
/if (${DoAbilitiy} && ${Me.Combat} && ${Target.Type.Equal[NPC]} && ${Target.PctHPs} <= ${AbilitiyAt} && ${Target.Distance} <= 50 && ${Me.AbilityReady["${AbilityFour}"]}) /doability ${AbilityFour}
/if (${DoAbilitiy} && ${Me.Combat} && ${Target.Type.Equal[NPC]} && ${Target.PctHPs} <= ${AbilitiyAt} && ${Target.Distance} <= 50 && ${Me.AbilityReady["${AbilityFive}"]}) /doability ${AbilityFive}

/if (${DoCombatAbilitiy} && ${Me.Combat} && ${Target.Type.Equal[NPC]} && ${Target.PctHPs} <= ${CombatAbilitiyAt} && ${Target.Distance} <= 50 && ${Me.CombatAbilityReady["${CombatAbilityOne}"]}) /disc ${CombatAbilityOne}
/if (${DoCombatAbilitiy} && ${Me.Combat} && ${Target.Type.Equal[NPC]} && ${Target.PctHPs} <= ${CombatAbilitiyAt} && ${Target.Distance} <= 50 && ${Me.CombatAbilityReady["${CombatAbilityTwo}"]}) /disc ${CombatAbilityTwo}
/if (${DoCombatAbilitiy} && ${Me.Combat} && ${Target.Type.Equal[NPC]} && ${Target.PctHPs} <= ${CombatAbilitiyAt} && ${Target.Distance} <= 50 && ${Me.CombatAbilityReady["${CombatAbilityThree}"]}) /disc ${CombatAbilityThree}
/if (${DoCombatAbilitiy} && ${Me.Combat} && ${Target.Type.Equal[NPC]} && ${Target.PctHPs} <= ${CombatAbilitiyAt} && ${Target.Distance} <= 50 && ${Me.CombatAbilityReady["${CombatAbilityFour}"]}) /disc ${CombatAbilityFour}
/if (${DoCombatAbilitiy} && ${Me.Combat} && ${Target.Type.Equal[NPC]} && ${Target.PctHPs} <= ${CombatAbilitiyAt} && ${Target.Distance} <= 50 && ${Me.CombatAbilityReady["${CombatAbilityFive}"]}) /disc ${CombatAbilityFive}

/delay 1s

/goto :MainLoop
| --- MAIN STOP ---|

Sub Declares
    /Declare botversion            outer    "1.0"
    /if (${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,General,Version].NotEqual[${botversion}]}) /call MakeDefaultIni
    /if (!${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,General,Version].Length}) /call MakeDefaultIni
    /Declare HealProm              string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,HealSpells,HealProm]}
    /Declare HealHoT             string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,HealSpells,HealHoT]}
    /Declare HealFast            string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,HealSpells,HealFast]}
    /Declare DotOne              string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,DamageSpells,DotOne]}
    /Declare DotTwo             string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,DamageSpells,DotTwo]}
    /Declare DotThree            string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,DamageSpells,DotThree]}
    /Declare DotFour              string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,DamageSpells,DotFour]}
    /Declare DotFive              string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,DamageSpells,DotFive]}
    /Declare NukeOne              string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,DamageSpells,NukeOne]}
    /Declare NukeTwo             string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,DamageSpells,NukeTwo]}
    /Declare NukeThree            string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,DamageSpells,NukeThree]}
    /Declare NukeFour              string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,DamageSpells,NukeFour]}
    /Declare NukeFive              string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,DamageSpells,NukeFive]}
    /Declare AbilityOne          string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,Abilities,AbilityOne]}
    /Declare AbilityTwo         string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,Abilities,AbilityTwo]}
    /Declare AbilityThree       string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,Abilities,AbilityThree]}
    /Declare AbilityFour          string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,Abilities,AbilityFour]}
    /Declare AbilityFive          string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,Abilities,AbilityFive]}
    /Declare CombatAbilityOne      string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,CombatAbilities,CombatAbilityOne]}
    /Declare CombatAbilityTwo     string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,CombatAbilities,CombatAbilityTwo]}
    /Declare CombatAbilityThree string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,CombatAbilities,CombatAbilityThree]}
    /Declare CombatAbilityFour  string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,CombatAbilities,CombatAbilityFour]}
    /Declare CombatAbilityFive  string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,CombatAbilities,CombatAbilityFive]}
    /Declare UseIRC                string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,IRC,UseIRC]}
    /Declare IRCServerAddr        string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,IRC,Address]}
    /Declare IRCPort            string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,IRC,Port]}
    /Declare IRCChannel            string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,IRC,Channel]}
    /Declare UseEQBC            string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,EQBC,UseEQBC]}
    /Declare EQBCServerAddr        string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,EQBC,EQBCServerAddr]}
    /Declare EQBCPort            string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,EQBC,EQBCPort]}
    /Declare EQBCPassword        string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,EQBC,EQBCPassword]} 
    /declare AbilitiyAt         string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,Percent,AbilitiyAt]}
    /declare CombatAbilitiyAt     string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,Percent,CombatAbilitiyAt]}
    /declare DotAt                 string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,Percent,DotAt]}
    /declare NukeAt             string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,Percent,NukeAt]}
    /declare HealAt             string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,Percent,HealAt]}
    /declare HotAt                 string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,Percent,HotAt]}
    /declare HealPromAt            string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,Percent,HealPromAt]}
    /declare DoNuke                string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,General,DoNuke]}
    /declare DoDot                string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,General,DoDot]}
    /declare DoAbilitiy            string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,General,DoAbilitiy]}
    /declare DoCombatAbilitiy    string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,General,DoCombatAbilitiy]}
    /declare DoPromHeal            string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,General,DoPromHeal]}
    /declare DoHotHeal            string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,General,DoHotHeal]}
    /declare DoFastHeal            string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,General,DoFastHeal]}
    /declare DoGroupHeal        string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,General,DoGroupHeal]}
    /declare DoHeal                string outer ${Ini[DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini,General,DoHeal]}
    /declare M_Assist             string outer
    /declare AnchorRadius string outer 20
    /declare AnchorY string outer ${Me.Y}
    /declare AnchorX string outer ${Me.X}
    /declare AnchorZ string outer ${Me.Z}

Sub MakeDefaultIni
      /call SetIni General Version ${botversion}
      /call SetIni General Assist TRUE
      /call SetIni General DoDot FALSE
      /call SetIni General DoNuke FALSE
      /call SetIni General DoAbilitiy FALSE
      /call SetIni General DoCombatAbilitiy FALSE
      /call SetIni General DoFastHeal FALSE
      /call SetIni General DoFastHeal FALSE
      /call SetIni General DoGroupHeal FALSE
      /call SetIni General DoHeal FALSE
      /call SetIni General DoPromHeal FALSE
      /call SetIni General DoHotHeal FALSE
      /call SetIni General DoFastHeal FALSE
      /call SetIni Percent HealAt 65
      /call SetIni Percent HotAt 65
      /call SetIni Percent HealPromAt 65
      /call SetIni Percent DotAt 95
      /call SetIni Percent NukeAt 95
      /call SetIni Percent AbilitiyAt 95
      /call SetIni Percent CombatAbilitiyAt 95
      /call SetIni HealSpells HealProm ""
      /call SetIni HealSpells HealHoT ""
      /call SetIni HealSpells HealFast ""
      /call SetIni DamageSpells DotOne "Bond of Bonemaw Rk. II"
      /call SetIni DamageSpells DotTwo "Bond of Ralstok Rk. II"
      /call SetIni DamageSpells DotThree "Deceitful Blight Rk. II"
      /call SetIni DamageSpells DotFour "Plague of Holmein Rk. II"
      /call SetIni DamageSpells DotFive "Blood of Bonemaw Rk. II"
      /call SetIni DamageSpells NukeOne ""
      /call SetIni DamageSpells NukeTwo ""
      /call SetIni DamageSpells NukeThree ""
      /call SetIni DamageSpells NukeFour ""
      /call SetIni DamageSpells NukeFive ""
      /call SetIni Abilities AbilityOne ""
      /call SetIni Abilities AbilityTwo ""
      /call SetIni Abilities AbilityThree ""
      /call SetIni Abilities AbilityFour ""
      /call SetIni Abilities AbilityFive ""
      /call SetIni CombatAbilities CombatAbilityOne ""
      /call SetIni CombatAbilities CombatAbilityTwo ""
      /call SetIni CombatAbilities CombatAbilityThree ""
      /call SetIni CombatAbilities CombatAbilityFour ""
      /call SetIni CombatAbilities CombatAbilityFive ""
      /call SetIni IRC UseIRC FALSE
      /call SetIni IRC Address ""
      /call SetIni IRC Port "6667"
      /call SetIni IRC Channel "#Bot"
      /call SetIni EQBC UseEQBC TRUE
      /call SetIni EQBC EQBCServerAddr ""
      /call SetIni EQBC EQBCPort "2112"
      /call SetIni EQBC EQBCPassword ""
      CHATMETHOD1 [MB]++ Please Edit your INI file now! It is in your Macro's folder named "DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini"!!!! ++[MB]

Sub SetIni(string section, string option, string value)
  /ini "DotBot.${Me}.Settings.ini" "${section}" "${option}" "${value}"

Sub HPCheck
/if (${Me.PctHPs}<=5) /return

Sub MPCheck
/if (${Me.PctMana}<=5) /return

Sub HealTank
   /declare i int local 1
   /for i 1 to ${Group}

   /if (${Group.Member[${i}].PctHPs}<=${HealAt} && ${Spawn[${Group.Member[${i}]}].Type.Equal[PC]} && ${Target.Distance}<=${Spell[${HealFast}].MyRange} && ${Spawn[${Group.Member[${i}]}].Name}==${M_Assist}) {
        /target pc ${Group.Member[${i}]}
          /delay 5 ${Target.ID}==${Group.Member[${i}].ID}
        /if (${DoPromHeal} && ${Target.Distance} <= ${Spell[${HealProm}].MyRange} && ${Me.SpellReady[${HealProm}]} && !${Target.Buff[${HealProm}].Name.Equal[${HealProm}]}) /call PromHeal ${HealProm}
        /if (${DoFastHeal} && ${Target.Distance} <= ${Spell[${HealFast}].MyRange} && ${Me.SpellReady[${HealFast}]}) /call Heal ${HealFast}
        /if (${DoHotHeal} && ${Target.Distance} <= ${Spell[${HealHoT}].MyRange} && ${Me.SpellReady[${HealHoT}]} && !${Target.Buff[${HealHoT}].Name.Equal[${HealHoT}]}) /call Hot ${HealHoT}
   /next i

Sub GroupHeals
   /declare i int local 1
   /for i 1 to ${Group}

   /if (${Group.Member[${i}].PctHPs}<=${HealAt} && ${Spawn[${Group.Member[${i}]}].Type.Equal[PC]} && ${Target.Distance}<=${Spell[${HealFast}].MyRange}) {
      /target pc ${Group.Member[${i}]}
          /delay 5 ${Target.ID}==${Group.Member[${i}].ID}
        /CHATMETHOD Casting -- ${HealFast} -- ${Target}
        /call Heal ${HealFast}
   /next i

Sub Dot(string DotToCast)
/if (${DoDot} && ${Target.Type.Equal[NPC]} && ${Target.Distance} <= ${Spell[${DotToCast}].MyRange} && ${Me.SpellReady[${DotToCast}]} && !${Target.Buff[${DotToCast}].Name.Equal[${DotToCast}]}) {
/if (!${Me.Pet.Combat} && ${Me.Pet.ID}) /pet attack
    /call cast "${DotToCast}" gem1
    /delay 1s !${Me.Casting.ID}
        /if (${Macro.Return.Equal["CAST_INTERRUPTED"]}) /goto :Attack_Loop

Sub Nuke(string NukeToCast)
/if (${DoNuke} && ${Target.Type.Equal[NPC]} && ${Target.Distance} <= ${Spell[${NukeToCast}].MyRange} && ${Me.SpellReady[${NukeToCast}]}) {
/if (!${Me.Pet.Combat} && ${Me.Pet.ID}) /pet attack
    /call cast "${NukeToCast}" gem1
    /delay 1s !${Me.Casting.ID}
        /if (${Macro.Return.Equal["CAST_INTERRUPTED"]}) /goto :Attack_Loop

Sub Hot(string HotToCast)
/if (${DoHotHeal} && ${Target.Distance} <= ${Spell[${HotToCast}].MyRange} && ${Me.SpellReady[${HotToCast}]} && !${Target.Buff[${HotToCast}].Name.Equal[${HotToCast}]}) {
/if (!${Me.Pet.Combat} && ${Me.Pet.ID}) /pet attack
    /call cast "${HotToCast}" gem1
    /delay 1s !${Me.Casting.ID}
        /if (${Macro.Return.Equal["CAST_INTERRUPTED"]}) /goto :Hot_Loop

Sub PromHeal(string PHealToCast)
/if (${DoPromHeal} && ${Target.Distance} <= ${Spell[${PHealToCast}].MyRange} && ${Me.SpellReady[${PHealToCast}]} && !${Target.Buff[${PHealToCast}].Name.Equal[${PHealToCast}]}) {
/if (!${Me.Pet.Combat} && ${Me.Pet.ID}) /pet attack
    /call cast "${PHealToCast}" gem1
    /delay 1s !${Me.Casting.ID}
        /if (${Macro.Return.Equal["CAST_INTERRUPTED"]}) /goto :Hot_Loop

Sub Heal(string HealToCast)
/if (${DoFastHeal} && ${Target.Distance} <= ${Spell[${HealToCast}].MyRange} && ${Me.SpellReady[${HealToCast}]}) {
/if (!${Me.Pet.Combat} && ${Me.Pet.ID}) /pet attack
    /call cast "${HealToCast}" gem1
    /delay 1s !${Me.Casting.ID}
        /if (${Macro.Return.Equal["CAST_INTERRUPTED"]}) /goto :Heal_Loop
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