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Utility KillCount.inc 1.0

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Wrote a little macro addon to track your killcount and experience over time. Spams experience gains and average time to kill each mob every 6 minutes.
Only briefly tested but should work with any macro.

add #include killcount.inc - before your macro's sub main, somewhere near #include ninjadvloot.inc
add /call setupkillcountvaribles - before your macro's main loop, somewhere near /call SetupAdvLootVars

NOTE: spam is limited to once every 6 minutes. To change edit the line **/varset KCSpamTimer 6m** in this file
Works best for actual melee toons, casters may or may not see the slain message that triggers kill event.

- - - Updated - - -

New file uploaded - 8/18/16
Updated to correct minor XP tracking error and division by zero error.
Update 8/18/16: simplified the call routine, makes it easier to add to macro.
First release
Last update
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